How to Encourage Your Loved One to Stay Sober


Dealing with addiction is tricky, especially if your loved one was the one who dealt with it. When someone is trying to abstain from addiction, it can prove to be a trying time. Your loved one needs you more now than ever to help them stay on the right path.

Here are some useful tips that you ought to follow to help your loved one have the best recovery possible.

A Supportive Environment

A person in recovery must stay in a supportive environment to ensure their success. We are not talking about babying them, but you should not kick them while they are down. If your loved one already knows what they did wrong before recovery, there is no need to continually remind them of it because it is easy for them to run back to what they knew.

You should encourage your friends and family to stay positive and help your loved one to remain sober. If you want them to be in the best environment possible, you can look for sober living houses in Tucson, AZ, so your loved one can be surrounded by a helpful and supportive community.

Coping Skills

Many people have addictions because they used a substance to deal with stressful situations in life. You should teach your loved one that there are effective and healthier coping alternatives. Your loved one may be tempted to regress if they have a lot of stress, especially because of situations like losing a job.

You need to be there to listen and talk to them, and when they are ready, you can teach them healthier coping methods, such as writing their thoughts or making music.

Understand that Addiction is an Illness

You and your loved one should understand that addiction is an illness. You should not beat one addiction by replacing it with another addiction. For instance, a recovering alcoholic might decide to hoard animals and neglect to take care of them because there are too many.

angry woman

It would be best if you dealt with the addiction head-on, by accepting the fact that you had it and you can overcome it on your own and not with a replacement.

Know Relapse Signs

To avoid dealing with a troublesome relapse, you should know what the signs are so you can prevent a potential relapse. People can have symptoms of relapse even after years of being sober. While each person will have different warning signs, you can ask a professional to help you.

You should keep your eye on your loved one to see if there are any changes. It would be best if you also made a relapse prevention plan that involves people such as treatment providers to help control the situation before it can become a massive problem.

Find More Meaning

Many addicts struggle to recover because they do not think there is meaning in their lives. However, everyone has a purpose in life, so you should help them see that. You can encourage them to get involved in school or work or pursue their dream job.

You can also let them get into hobbies, such as painting or sports, to help them develop their passions.

Be sure to remember and follow the tips above to help support your loved one to make the most out of their life.

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