5 Odd Interview Questions and How to Approach Them

female applicant being interviewed

The job interviewing process can be overly stressful. There are hundreds of typical interview questions, and your answers determine whether you will get the job. If you have an interview ahead, you are likely to go through the quizzes and read through the answers that employers expect.

Most people attend interviews with the expectation of standard questions like, “Why do you think you are the right person for the job?” However, some hiring managers throw in odd quizzes that nobody expects. Before going to your next interview, gather your pre-employment requirements, and read these weird questions.

  1. Why Are Utility Holes Round?

At first glance, this seems like another hilarious way of breaking the ice, but it is an indication of the candidate’s intellect. The ideal interviewee will consider the angle and give a thoughtful answer. For instance, you can say that a circular utility hole cover fits on the hole perfectly. If you use any other shape, you would be exposing the residents to the danger of falling. Also, a circular cover can be removed easily. The answer should demonstrate your ability to see the necessity in the oddest situations.

  1. Have You Ever Been In A Boat?

The query is attempting to understand your traits better. While it is open-ended requiring a “yes” or “no” answer, you can use the opportunity to market your personality. If you enjoy boat rides, this is a chance to explain how you are passionate about the hobby. In case you don’t like riding boats, you can also describe your reasons. Either way, you choose to approach your answer, make the best use of it.

  1. Are You A Hunter Or A Gatherer?

The odd interview question is an easy way of determining the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. There is no correct answer, but how you approach it should be based on the job you are interviewing. For instance, a marketer would best be a gatherer because they search for information and clients. An account manager would be great as a hunter because they can catch opportunities and win clients.

  1. If You Were Given An Elephant, Would You Keep Or Sell It?

The query attempts to test a candidate’s reasoning abilities. The interviewer wants to see you thinking through a situation and know how you place your priorities. The question might also be to help you loosen up and show your authentic side. You can choose to keep it or sell it because you don’t have space in your house to fit an elephant.

  1. What Do You Stand For That Most People Don’t?

It is a very odd question unless you are applying for a position in a religious organization or a sect. However, if you are asked such a query, the interviewer is after understanding you better. It’s best if you refrain from cultural, religious, or racial bias. Please choose one of your outstanding strengths and explain it.

There are easy interview questions, difficult ones, and then those that are only weird. If you ever encounter any of these unusual queries, know that the interviewer is after understanding your personality. Try your best to answer them accordingly.

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