How to Choose the Right Veterinarian (And Why it Matters)


Do you have a good relationship with your own doctor, your therapist, or your lawyer? You give importance to your working relationship with these professionals, so why shouldn’t you do the same with your dog’s veterinarian.

Regardless if you have a new puppy or if you’ve been a dog owner for years, finding the right veterinarian will give you peace of mind that your beloved pet will live long and healthy. As a bonus, the right veterinarian won’t just be your dog’s primary healthcare specialist, they could also be a treasure trove of information.

A Network of Contacts

One of the advantages of seeing a veterinarian in your local area is that they would have built up a network of contacts that you could tap for other things dog-related. This is particularly true if the vet you’re seeing is one that’s been in the area for years.

Most veterinarians would have trusted expert dog trainers, groomers, or pet food suppliers as partners, so they could give you recommendations on these aspects as well. Working with a group of pet care experts that have a good rapport among themselves would be significantly beneficial to your dog’s health.

Aligned with Your Pet Care Philosophy

What are your beliefs on spaying or neutering, euthanasia, and cancer care? These are things you might not like to think about, but these are potential instances you’d have to deal with when owning a dog. If your own philosophy does not align with your veterinarian’s, you would have a difficult time ensuring your pet’s quality of life. Talk to them and their staff so you can get a clearer picture of their practice and philosophies.

Emergency Care

adopted dog

Is your veterinarian available to you 24/7? If you chose your veterinarian by the sole virtue of proximity, you might have to reconsider if they don’t offer emergency pet services. This might not seem important now, but should the need arise, you’ll be kicking yourself for not considering the possibility. Spread out your search area if the vet you had your eye on is not ideal in an emergency.

Telemedicine Services

Sometimes, you just want to ask your vet a question without having to take your dog in for a physical examination. Enter telemedicine services. Not all veterinarians are able to offer this technological advancement but finding someone who does is in your best interest. The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have made this a vital function in caring for your pet’s well-being.

Ask for Recommendations from Family and Friends

Beyond Yelp reviews and all the other considerations above, some of the best veterinarians you could find are the ones recommended by family and friends. If you adopted your dog from the local shelter, they would have recommendations too. This is, perhaps, still the most reliable way to find your ideal veterinarian.

Other pet owners would have already gone through the same thing you have, and if you trust their judgment, then there’s a big chance that you would find the same level of trust with their preferred veterinarian.

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