How to Celebrate a New Baby

A baby’s arrival is reason enough to throw a party. The whole family is excited to see their new bundle of joy. As fun as it seems, organizing a baby shower is both exhausting and daunting. However, you can do it without spending too much money. Here are some helpful suggestions:


Backdrops are useful because they help highlight an event or party’s theme. They can also be used during photo ops by the hosts and guests. A backdrop’s design should speak of the party’s theme, in this case, a baby shower.

Instead of renting or buying new ones, why not opt for a customized backdrop? It highlights the latest addition to the family and the joy of motherhood. Printing services in Utah offer personalized backdrops, packaged with customized invitations, at a cheaper cost. It’s also easier to incorporate the party’s theme in the design.

Baby Shower Themes

Aside from backdrops, the baby shower’s theme is also vital. It should both celebrate a woman’s journey into motherhood and, of course, the new baby. Check out these ideas:

  • Alphabet – Inspired by wooden alphabet blocks, this theme is easy to do and an elegant way to celebrate a child’s future path to learning. Bake alphabet-themed cookies and mini-block cakes. Cut out numbers and letters from the alphabet to decorate the area.

  • Bookworm – It’s perfect for would-be moms who love to read. Use the mother’s favorite novels as decorations and add some children’s books, too. Encourage guests to bring fairy-tale books as gifts for the new baby. The party’s menu could also be named after nursery rhymes to make it more fun.

  • Fantasy Forest – For parents who love a fantasy-forest theme, they can decorate their venue with painted boiled eggs, animal crackers, pretzels decorated as forest twigs, and fairy and fantasy animal cutouts.

Baby shower themes are boundless and left to the parent’s imagination. The mother’s personality and her baby should always a theme’s inspiration.

Upcycling Decoration Ideas

birthday cake

Repurposed or upcycled materials can be used as party decorations. Here are some suggestions:

  • Instead of buying new tablecloths for the party, using old table cloths and decorating them is recommended. Design their edges with colored paper to match the shower’s theme. Old buttons, bottle caps, and leaves can be used to decorate these as well.

  • Baskets found around the home can be used as centerpieces. Fill them with fresh flowers and plants found in the garden. Old stuffed animals can also be placed inside these baskets. Wrap these baskets with colorful ribbons or paper to make them festive centerpieces.

  • Use clotheslines as decoration pieces. Clip family pictures, decorative cutouts, alphabet balloons, old baby clothes, and gifts from guests can be also be hanged on these clotheslines.

Overall, you must remember that baby showers shouldn’t be a source of stress for would-be moms or parents. There are cheap alternatives to organize a baby shower. With the help of family and friends, such a life-changing event should be a joyful celebration for everyone.

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