How the Quarantine Affects You and How You Can Fight It

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With the whole world on lockdown, many people are forced to stay within the confines of their house for months on end. While initially, people treated this as some vacation, the extent and length of the quarantine and the pandemic, in general, has taken a toll on a lot of people’s minds. Jobs are on hold, and traveling and transportation are severely restricted. Even local and global commerce were not spared: people and businesses were severely affected.

But as the world slowly re-opens and businesses re-establish their footing, many people from different locations are still severely limited in their actions. Some are still under strict quarantine rules, while some venture outside in fear of the disease. While staying inside and avoiding social contact is commendable, it has affected people both mentally and physically. Today, we’re going to discuss how it has affected many people and what can be done to remedy it.

Long-established Routines are Disrupted

Perhaps the most grueling change out of all that has happened is the sudden shift in lifestyle. Many of us have routines that we have spent years establishing. Waking up at 5 AM, preparing to go to work, going to the gym after work, going home, or even health-related ones such as getting a detox or checking with a therapist- these were a staple part of our everyday lives.

But with a quarantine coming out of nowhere, many of us were jolted out of our comfortable routine and are forced to live a drastically different lifestyle. This leads to stress, anxiety, and insecurity, as the routine that we rely on is no longer in effect.

Inability to Go Out Leads to a Sedentary Lifestyle

The number of people getting into fitness and health is consistently increasing year by year, but with the sudden quarantine, all their plans will be put to a halt. Even those receiving incidental exercise through their walks to work or frequent trips on foot suddenly find themselves staying at home and not walking for more than a few meters. Staying at home has reduced many to a sedentary lifestyle as gyms close, we have very little reason to go outside, and work has shifted to a work-at-home platform.

Stress Builds Up

Staying at home might seem all fine and dandy. After all, it’s the most comfortable place for many people. However, not everyone has the ideal home situation, nor the most conducive for their type of work. Most end up getting stuck with family members or roommates, and sometimes they are not particularly agreeable. Add this to the fact that one can’t easily leave home, stress from friction with housemates, inability to be productive because of the environment- stress increases, and not having any outlet can make it difficult for everyone involved.


We’re Socially and Emotionally Isolated

Some people, however, are away from their beloved friends and family. Separated by distance and inability to travel, the longing for our loved ones is stronger than ever before. Even though instant communication is possible and even convenient now, nothing compares to being with your loved ones and sharing a space with them. Things are even more unfortunate for those who live alone, as traveling is still limited, and the danger in traveling and being in crowded areas persists.

You Can Fight It

The quarantine may bring many of us down, but we can still do something to help our mental health. It requires focus and commitment, but just like with many things, the effort to persevere will be worth it.

Create a Routine for Yourself

Since the pandemic has removed our established routine, take this opportunity to create a better and more appropriate routine for yourself. Create a schedule for yourself and include when to rest and when to have uninterrupted work.


Being physically fit and active even while indoors is absolutely crucial as exercise helps produce the happy hormones in our minds. It can help take worries and concerns, take our attention elsewhere, and help center our minds. Even without access to fitness gyms, exercising is still possible through calisthenics, resistance bands, and other home equipment.

Do Things You Enjoy

Since we work at home, people have begun feeling guilty doing things they enjoy since they feel like they should focus on their job first. However, partaking in your hobby or anything that brings you happiness is part of taking care of your mental health. It’s important to take a break every once in a while and do things that you enjoy. This will lend you the strength to face your next task.

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