Home Décor Ideas to Boost Productivity and Positivity

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As the need for us to stay indoors gets more relevant with each passing day, we can’t help but start turning our precious room into a working space. However, this poses a problem because it’s getting harder for us to define the fine line between work and home.

Unfortunately, we have to accept that it might take some time before everything goes back to the way it used to be. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you have to endure the stress brought by working from home either. We’re here to help you out.

Home Décor Ideas

Whatever it is around you significantly affects your mood. This means that if your immediate environment is messy, you can expect that your mind will be messy too. To reverse this, here are some home décor ideas you may want to incorporate in your home office to boost productivity and positivity.

Wall Art for Fake Windows

We know how much you miss seeing nature’s beauty, but it doesn’t seem possible to enjoy the outdoors for now. The good news is that you can bring the outdoors to you. Even if your room doesn’t have a window, hanging a painting of the beach or nature to make your wall look like a window would be extremely beneficial for your mental well-being.

Stylish Rug

It’s definitely hard to find inspiration when your room looks rather boring. When all you have is a chair and a table with your laptop on it, it feels like the only missing things are your boss, colleagues, and cubicles because that looks like the regular office on its own. Add a distinct flavor to your room by placing a rug underneath your table, reaching the chair for a touch of home even when you’re at work.

Add Space

We can’t tell you how difficult it is to work when everything around you seems like they want to smother you. It’s totally frustrating because your mind can’t seem to breathe when your space is too cramped. Make it a point to remove unnecessary items from your surroundings to add some space to your workstation. Not only does it allow you to move a bit more freely, but the reduction of clutter is also beneficial for your productivity.

Go Paperless

After mentioning visual clutter, now is as good a time as any to suggest one simple solution; go paperless. Whether or not the pile of paper on your desk is related to your work or not, merely seeing it can negatively affect your mood and productivity. After all, most of us have negative connotations whenever we hear the word “paperwork,” right? If you need some important files, consider transcribing and saving them to your laptop instead.

Minimal Decoration

While we’re still on the topic, another prominent contributor to visual clutter is decoration. Don’t get us wrong; decoration is important to productivity boost. This is why we made this article in the first place, right? However, too many decorations eventually lead to distractions. Keep them to a minimum and leave the essentials. Those high school photographs may just be producing visual noise. Always remember the adage, “less is more.”

minimal decors

Fresh Color Scheme

Another factor that adds to visual noise is your choice of color. Having too many shades in your workspace may only lead to conflict. Understanding the relationship between your mental wellness and the colors around you is vital. That’s why you also need to pay attention to what you decorate your place with. The classic two-tone color scheme is helpful, as long as you know the best color combinations for your room.

Natural Light

If you tend to feel exhausted while working despite having an adequate amount of sleep, you may be lacking some sun. Allowing natural light to enter your room is vital in boosting productivity. Our bodies are naturally wired to crave sunlight, and not having enough dose of it for days on end is detrimental to your overall health. Leave your window open to make sure you have plenty.


The staple of everyone who’s currently on a work-from-home setup; plants. These are natural brain refreshers, probably because they come from nature too. Your brain needs micro-breaks when you’re working to avoid fatigue, and plants can provide that. They can function as a source of distraction, but they don’t require your brain to process information.

It’s hard to believe that we all had to improvise and turn our homes into offices. We started bringing work into our haven, but that doesn’t mean that we should feel burned out by working from home. Redesigning your space and turning it into a livable, comforting, and calming workstation is essential in boosting productivity and positivity.

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