Healthy Joints: How to Have and Keep Them

woman stretching in the morning

Your joints will experience some wear and tear as you grow older. Maintaining pain-free joints can become more complicated, especially if you tend to live a sedentary lifestyle.

To be sure that nothing is wrong with your joints, it is a must to visit an orthopedic doctor once in a while. In places like Provo, you can choose from several orthopedic clinics. And today, we will discuss how you can maintain healthy joints even as you age.

Move Your Joints

You have to move your joints every day to make sure that they wouldn’t become used to being immobile. Do some light stretching to sustain their mobility and to be free from pain.

However, you should make sure that your movements are careful so you can avoid injuring yourself. Be mindful not to overextend each joint, as this can sprain your muscles and might give you an injury.

Mind Your Posture

Believe it or not, your posture is a huge factor when it comes to taking good care of your joints. You should practice good posture by adjusting your chair, table, and the environment to your specifications.

For example, when picking up items from the floor, you should bend your knees rather than using only your lower back. Doing this can avoid giving you back pain. Arching your lower back this way will cause too much strain on it, especially when lifting something heavy. So, it would be best if you can avoid that.

Additionally, remember to carry heavy items close to your body. Carrying heavy items can strain your lower back as well if not done correctly. Holding it close to your body allows the use of other joints, making the weight a lot more balanced.

Pay Attention to the Large Joints

Use your large joints to carry heavy stuff. Some examples of these joints are the shoulders and the knees. Avoid straining your small joints and lifting objects that are too heavy for you. If you have something to support the weight, then use it so you wouldn’t have to strain your small joints.

Also, give an even distribution of weight to your body so the strain wouldn’t focus only on one area.

Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

woman working in her desk

Not only should you strain your joints, but you should also avoid living a sedentary lifestyle. Move your body when you can. If you work at a desk for hours, stand up once in a while to stretch your joints.

For example, take short breaks from working. Walk around the office a few times. Rotate your arms and legs while walking to ensure your joints move. Doing so will help them from becoming stiff. This stiffness can lead to joint pain if not prevented or addressed.

Talk to an orthopedic doctor about the things that you can do to avoid joint pain and have healthier joints. Let them know if you are feeling any pain. Ask them the medication that you can take or the exercises you need to do to have healthier joints.

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