4 Ways to Make a Senior Care Home a Happy Place to Live

elderly with her nurse

Senior homes are commonly perceived to be sterile, depressing, and loveless. If your residents or their families say these things about your facility, then you’re doing something wrong.

If you are interested in a home care franchise business opportunity, you must be prepared to put in the investment, not only the money but your heart as well. These are elders you will be taking care of, and you have the opportunity to give them a great home to enjoy the rest of their lives in. If you want to make your senior care facility feel like home to your residents, here are some things that you need to consider:

1. Furnish and decorate

The reason why a lot of elders are hesitant about moving to a senior care facility is because of the unfamiliarity of the space. Most senior care homes look like hospitals, and who would want to live in an environment so sterile?

That’s why senior care homes should put more effort into making the facility look and feel like home as much as possible. If possible, let families decorate the residents’ rooms to resemble the ones they used to have at home (unless the elders want a fresh start). For common areas, decorate and furnish to replicate the feeling of a regular living room or dining room. Add things to make the place cozy, such as throw pillows, small plants, pictures, and artwork.

Aside from making the transition easier for residents moving into the home, it’s an excellent way to reduce depression and loneliness.

2. Encourage physical activity

Physical activity can help prolong elders’ life and keep non-communicable diseases at bay. As much as possible, encourage residents to engage in age-appropriate exercises, such as walking, stretching, or yoga. Dedicate a space in the home where residents can do their exercise. You can even hire a trainer to conduct classes a few times a week.

Regular physical activity, no matter how little, can help seniors combat boredom and depression. It can also help them socialize with other people who are interested in the same exercise.

senior couple working out together

3. Give them a meaningful task

For many seniors, having a meaningful role is important to them. Thus, having lost the ability to work or take care of others may lead them into a depression. To prevent your residents from feeling this way, give them a job to do.

For example, your able-bodied residents can work together to tend to a herb or vegetable garden. Or perhaps they would like to take care of a pet that will also serve as their companion. On the other hand, seniors with limited mobility can look after small indoor plants or be in charge of knitting sweaters for the other residents.

4. Provide lots of recreation

Senior citizens are no longer physically able to do a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean they have to live the rest of their lives in boring existence. Make your senior care facility conducive to learning and recreation. You can do this by providing lots of reading materials, movies, music, games, and other things that can keep them sociable and happy.

Make your senior care facility a cut above the rest. With these tips, you can keep your residents happy, comfortable, and healthy.

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