Expressing Yourself Through Home Decor and Design

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When we search Pinterest for home design and decor ideas, we’re commonly met with almost the same kind of aesthetic, which are mostly neutral, minimalism, and a bit of rustic and traditional. While they’re all undeniably stunning, they tend to lack variation, making them look like cookie-cutter homes. And let’s admit it — they’re getting boring.

Thus, if you’re also tired of the internet promoting this type of aesthetic, it’s okay to lean away from it and follow your heart as you spruce up your space. One way to achieve results you’d surely be happy with is incorporating your personality into the design and decor. How? By adding a personal touch to everything!

Your home decor reveals something about your personality, and so do its design, so it’s absolutely brilliant to treat your home as a blank art canvas. That said, let’s see how we can make our personalities shine in our spaces.

Introducing Yourself Through Interior Design

When you walk into a home, the first thing you’ll notice is always the design. You can tell if the home’s design fits the dweller if it already reflects their lifestyle at first glance. For example, if someone has a minimalist home, it immediately suggests that they’re highly organized and that they’d rather plan things out before carrying out a course of action. You’d view them as efficient, simple, determined, and possibly, perfectionist and introverted.

On the other hand, if you visit a friend’s shabby chic abode, you’d immediately feel comfortable and welcome, suggesting that your friend is highly social, charismatic, artistic, fresh, and has an affinity for nature.

But what if you find that the design of your home doesn’t actually fit your personality? Obviously, a disorganized person living in a minimalist-style home will fill the space with clutter, defeating the purpose of the design. Instances like this show that we should choose a design based on our lifestyle, not merely because it’s the trend or it’s “house goals” worthy.

Adding Personal Touches to Your Space


Since spending for a full home remodeling isn’t likely a practical solution to your self-expression dilemma, what you can simply do is add personal touches to your space. There are countless ways to do that, including the following:

1. Filling Your Work Desk With Your Belongings or Art

If you have mess lying all over your space, gather them and put them on your work desk, where you most likely stay for the better part of the day if you’re working from home. A full desk suggests that you’re going places, which can show that you’re currently working hard for your goals. If you have an artistic side, you can also display the doodles you created with your high-quality blend markers.

2. Scents

It would feel good to associate a certain scent with home, so freshen up your space by using essential oil diffusers or scented candles. Scents can also relax you, reminding you why there’s no place like home.

3. Photos

Decorating with lots of family photos radiate your nostalgic personality, revealing that you find comfort in fondly reminiscing the memories you built with your family.

4. Vignettes

If you’re an introvert who has a subdued aesthetic, decorating with vignettes will express that part of you beautifully. It shows that you’re timid and that you enjoy quiet moments like reading a book in a nook.

5. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall shows that you’re open to change and you enjoy switching things up from time to time. Go for photos, art, or hanging plants to show off your flexibility and adaptability.

With a home filled with wonderful personal touches, the space will truly feel like yours, and every person you’ll welcome in it will definitely have fun seeing that every corner mirrors your character.

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