Proven Methods of Getting Better Sleep at Night

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Since most of us are already working adults, it can be challenging to get a proper amount of sleep, whether we are worried about the next workload or the report that we might have missed or we have insomnia. We do have to make sacrifices when it comes to getting work done. But during days that we might not have anything to do, sleep should be the top priority. After all, it keeps us in peak condition mentally and physically.

Of course, it’s widely known that not having enough sleep can impact our brain function, physical fitness, and the production of our hormones; no wonder we’re so cranky if we don’t get enough sleep! Other than that, there are more repercussions to not having a good night’s sleep.

Improving Your Sleep

But other than discussing what the lack of sleep might do to our body, let’s talk about the different ways of ensuring that we do get a good night’s sleep.

Sweat It Out

Exercising and sweating it out is one of the tried and tested ways of ensuring that you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Jogging late in the afternoon or before dinner can help you get into the groove of sleeping soundly at night. Some data have shown that exercising has reduced the dozing-off time by 55% and anxiety by 15%.

However, you shouldn’t exercise right before sleeping. It will keep us stimulated mentally and physically, which can be counter-intuitive for sleeping.

Have a Nice Warm Bath

Most individuals treat taking a shower as a ritual of finally finishing a day at work. Not only will this yield benefits to the body, but it is also a way of psychologically conditioning our body into resting and relaxing. For most people taking a shower or a warm bath can help improve sleeping habits.

If the amount of running water seems limited, you can always wash your feet with warm water, as this will psychologically get you in the mood to sleep.

Cut Down on Vices

Most people have a preconceived notion that alcohol is the right way of getting yourself into the mood of sleeping. In reality, drinking it can have a significant toll on your sleeping pattern. Sleeping under the influence can increase the likelihood of symptoms of sleep apnea, a disrupted REM sleeping pattern, and snoring. While most might regard these symptoms as more of a mild annoyance, sleep apnea has the potential to kill, in more extreme cases. Alcohol can also impede the production of melatonin at night, which can disrupt the natural flow of sleep.

If you find yourself craving for alcohol now and then, you might want to seek professional help. Usually, people who do have alcoholism are not aware that they have a drinking problem. The first step in stopping a bad habit is by acknowledging your addiction. Then, you can get a substance addiction treatment. Removing a bad habit isn’t exactly the easiest process, so it’s always a good idea to take it day-by-day.

Avoid Eating at Night

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There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’ve at least gotten hunger pangs from staying up late at night to finish work. While it’s tempting to eat at night, it can cause complications in your digestive system, hormone production, and your metabolism. Most experts would suggest eating at 5 PM right before bed. Some would also suggest that having a high carbohydrate diet can help individuals fall asleep faster while some would say otherwise. Ultimately, more research still needs to be done on how our body reacts to eating habits at night.

Don’t worry, if you’re having some problems craving food at night, this is a natural phenomenon. That is an evolutionary trait used by our hunter-gathering ancestors. Since there was no proper form of security at night, people ate and slept early while storing the right amount of calories for the next day.

See a Professional

Other than physiological conditions that might impede our sleep, psychological conditions are also a top contributing factor to insomnia and sleeplessness. Is there something that’s bothering you and keeping you up at night? Do you feel a deep dread of anxiety? Seeing a behavioral therapist might help set you straight in terms of your sleeping habits.

Since most of us are responsible for working adults, we sometimes have to sacrifice sleep to get work done. While there’s no problem in missing out on hours of sleep each day, ensuring that our bodies are in working condition should be a priority. After all, it would be counter-intuitive knowing that we can’t function since we are sacrificing our sleeping hours. Ultimately, the best way to get better sleep is by listening to what our body needs.

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