Everyday Habits That Can Help Build a Strong Parent-Children Relationship

father and child

Parents play a very important role in the growth and development of their children. Having close familial relationships provides a framework on how the child sees and interacts with the world throughout their lives.

Just like any relationship, you, as a parent, can take steps to make your bond with your child stronger. Introducing these habits into your everyday life can bring you closer to your kids. 

Takes Lots of Photos

Your children will not be young forever. At some point, they will be old enough and will want to build a life away from you. 

Before that happens, capture every special moment. You cannot stop your kids from growing up, but you will have these photos to look back on the good old days. Take lots of photos and videos on your own. Hire a family photographer to take formal shots of every member of the household.

Taking photos and then displaying them at home is an act that tells your children that you value them and your time together. 

Eat Dinner Together

There will be a time when everyone will be too busy to eat dinner with the rest of the family. Make mealtimes an opportunity to bond with your kids. 

There is a growing body of research that proves that regularly eating meals with your kids is beneficial to their growth. They become more likely to have healthy eating habits, perform better in school, and have strong mental, emotional, and social skills. 

Family meals also allow you to monitor your children’s behavior and life outside of the house. You can ask them how they are doing or what the learned in school that day. You can listen to your children talk about their activities with friends. These things are important to ensure that your children are on the right path. 

Let Them Help Around the House

It is a myth that children do not want to do household chores. Children are naturally curious and, often, they want to do what the adults around them are doing.

While young, give them simple tasks and responsibilities. Ask them to help you wash the dishes after your family dinner or make them pick up their toys after playing.

These things will boost your children’s confidence, make them feel valued at home. You will raise a capable and kind adult who knows how to look after themselves and finds joy in helping others. 

Give Lots of Hugs

Getting a hug from the people you love can raise your energy levels and make your day instantly better. 

Hugs have been linked to a slew of positive benefits, including reduced stress and improved mood. Holding someone warmly in your arms may also alleviate physical pain and protect you from illnesses. In short, it is good for you and your children’s health!

If you are wondering how many times you can give your children in a day, the answer is a lot. As Virginia Satir, a popular family therapist, said, people need four hugs for survival, 8 hugs for maintenance, and 12 hugs for growth. Just hug your children as often as you can to show them how much you love them.


Having a good relationship with your children takes a lot of work and requires so much of your time. You need to show your children daily how important they are to you for a positive and strong bond. 


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