Creating a Healing Environment: Tips for Bringing Nature into Your Private Practice

Simply being in nature has a positive effect on the human mind and body. The mere idea of being around plants, water features, and living walls can have a calming yet invigorating effect on most people. But sadly, not everyone has the opportunity to spend time in nature.

However, this could be a good idea to incorporate when you’re planning your medical office construction. This is because when it comes to medical practices, many of them don’t even consider details like these in their design. After all, most professionals assume that such spaces should have a different atmosphere from places people may visit for leisure.

In reality, these types of additions to medical practices can help patients relax. This in turn can help in promoting healing by decreasing stress levels, eliminating harmful free radicals in the air, and increasing patient satisfaction with their treatment.

Although it may seem difficult to achieve, designing a medical office with a healing atmosphere is not as challenging as you think. Here are some of the most important things to consider when building a medical practice.

1. Incorporate natural light into the design

As much as possible, choose windows that face either south or west to allow for maximum sunlight. This is because the human circadian rhythm, which is regulated by light and dark patterns, plays a key role in people’s well-being.

Additionally, having natural lighting can also help patients open up more easily. This happens because the more light there is, the more inviting a room tends to feel. So, as a result, this can boost your energy levels as well as the patient’s.

2. Maximize the use of “therapeutic” colors
receiving area with green couch and plants along with wood furnitures

For example, greens evoke a feeling of being in the outdoors. This is why you should use plants with bright green leaves to brighten up your space. If you have a large window, you can use it as a background to hang your favorite pictures.

Or if not, make sure that your office is fully equipped with pictures of nature and other “healing” visuals. This will help create a relaxing atmosphere for your patients and yourself because it has been linked with lower levels of cortisol.

3. Incorporate water features into your design

The soft gurgling noise of moving water is known to have a calming effect on the mind and can reduce stress levels. For this reason, incorporating flowing water into your office design is a great idea.

Another benefit of having water features in your office is that it can cleanse the air of harmful chemical pollutants. This is because water absorbs carbon dioxide, which is exhaled by you and your patients. Plus it also helps to neutralize the effects of free radicals that are emitted from electronic devices.

4. Think about how you can make your space greener

You can do this by using organic furniture and building materials. These are not only good for the environment, but they also evoke a natural aesthetic that is perfect for your healing environment. That’s why your office should also include a lot of natural materials such as wood.

Unprocessed woods like mahogany are perfect for desks, chairs, and other furniture because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, these types of wood also provide a great energy source for both human beings and plants.

5. Incorporate natural touches into the design

According to research, walking around barefoot has many benefits, such as increasing antioxidants and boosting memory. For this reason, you should consider making your office barefoot-friendly. Adding a plush green carpet on top of a wooden floor is a great idea because it allows for increased blood flow and respiratory rates.

Additionally, this sets a more natural tone in your office. Furthermore, you can also place an indoor compost bin to allow your patients to recycle their organic waste. You should then put potted plants near the bin to encourage people to recycle.

6. Create an outdoor space within the premises

This can be done by planting trees and flowers around your office or building a garden if possible. Having an outdoor space for patients to enjoy and relax in is a great idea.

For example, you can put benches and tables to allow your patients to get some fresh air and sun. This allows them to relax their muscles and minds, thus relieving stress. You could also consider putting a playground for kids, especially if you’re catering to pediatric patients.

Bringing nature into your private practice can have a lot of benefits for both you and your clients. By prioritizing their comfort, you will set an inviting tone for everyone who enters your practice. Plus, all these will allow your patients to relax and enjoy nature while receiving treatment.

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