Crafts and Hobbies That Can Help You Start a Business


Ever wanted to find an activity that is fun and can take your mind off of things? Perhaps you’ve pushed any notion aside because you’ve felt like you also need to focus on making a living. However, there’s no reason you can’t earn some money from your hobby, especially if you are into crafts that are in demand.

If you’ve ever seen a Pinterest board or checked out the most popular products on Etsy, you’d know that there’s no shortage of customers in the online world as long as you take the time to make something artful that you enjoy and market it online. If you’re not sure what could be a good thing to try out, check out some of these activities that are engaging but can also bring in customers:


This is one of those hobbies that you really have to take the time to develop your skill in, but because its results are so rewarding for the time and effort you put in, that’s also why quilters can charge as much as they do for those seeking a cozy bed for their pup, beddings for their own mattress or even an art piece to add a little extra touch to the room’s ambience. As you improve your skillset and have fun with even more designs, you’ll soon find yourself trying Judy Niemeyer patterns and getting through them in a breeze.

Because quilting in itself is an investment of time and resources, too, you can start out slowly but surely and build from there. You don’t have to have an all-out enterprise from the beginning, especially since social media and online marketplaces have made it that much easier to share even a small line of goods to the public and garner interest and sales.

woman lettering


With calligraphy and lettering, this is another art form that also takes some time to master but can be a real treat to learn. You’ll also find that this can help you parlay into other expressions of art and drawing or vice versa. In terms of earning from this, there are a lot of avenues to do so.

From creating custom stationery, crafting event invites, and wedding décor to creating posters and art prints, you can tap into a large community with a penchant for artful designs and impactful typography. From classy framed prints in apartments to loud imagery of protest and fandoms in a teenager’s room, good text curated on paper still has a lasting endurance as an interior design choice in the more personalized realm of consumer products.


This a fun activity that you can mix and match to your preference, figuring out what textures, smells, and colors you want to achieve. Not only is it very doable even for beginners, but it also ends up with a very functional product. This is a great way to find more organic and sustainable forms of soap that can even be better for your skin.

These days, you can start up a social media page and showcase your creations for anyone interested in buying them – and this is composed of random shoppers, skincare enthusiasts, collectors, and organic types who often are willing to shell out six to eight dollars a bar. It’s easy to start soapmaking, and there is always room for expansion and trying out more variation.

Whether you monetize on these activities or simply get into them for the fun and relaxation of it, each craft is rewarding in the end.

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