Boot Camp: A Training Ground for a Man’s Best Friend

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Dogs — it’s not an exaggeration to say that these furry mammals will surely lay down their lives for their master. The main reason for this extreme loyalty lies in their roots of being social animals that thrive in packs.

Moreover, as their alpha master, it is your duty to educate your canine buddies through training and socialization because they look up to you for guidance on how to behave and learn. If they don’t know the rules, do not expect your dogs to follow them. Thus, teaching your dogs some obedience guidelines or enrolling them in a dog boot camp in your Loxahatchee neighborhood will be beneficial for both you and your pets.

What is Obedience Training?

Obedience training is a practice that is done by dog training professionals to teach your furry friend some basic and extensive commands. For instance, dogs are taught how to properly socialize and behave. This special training will make living with your pet more enjoyable and less stressful, making both parties happy.

Better Control

The basic commands that your canine baby should know include come, sit and stay, drop it, stop, wait, no, and quiet. These are management commands that will help you have solid control of your pet. Moreover, these commands also help your dog stay safe because it’s a lot easier for you to walk together at the dog park or other public areas without worrying that he or she will act strange.

Obedience training also teaches dogs to be confident and feel secure around other people and dogs, thus allowing them to socialize in a calm manner. In addition, with these pieces of training, your dog does not need to be locked away when guests visit your home.

Builds Stronger Bond

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In the aspect of growth and interaction, one essential key is building and nurturing a close bond. Creating a strong connection with your pet is important, and a great way to achieve that is by allowing your dog to undergo training in the hands of a qualified professional. In addition, a strong relationship also helps stimulate mutual respect. Remember, a properly trained and well-mannered dog is more untroublesome, calm, and less assertive.

Provides Encouragement and Induces Stimuli

By allowing your dog to undergo obedience training, you are providing him or her with other important things that are needed in a dog’s life, like exercise, mental stimulation, and having quality time alone with you.

You also help your dogs actualize his or her skills through a reward system. Studies show that a lot of dogs see their favorite treat or food as a reward. They typically have a mindset that it’s their job to master commands, thus, they attain satisfaction when they successfully learn new commands after exerting effort. So be sure to have plenty of treats available to reward your dog for every accomplishment.

The Takeaway

It’s vital to note that like humans, each dog has a unique way and pace when it comes to learning — some need more attention and take more time than others. Furthermore, it’s important to carefully assess the qualifications, reputation and legal compliance of the establishment you’ll choose.

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