Body Massages: How Do They Help on Improving Posture?

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When we’re interacting with other people, body language and posture are just some of the factors that will give us an excellent first impression. However, body position is affected by a variety of different factors. In most cases, physical activities such as hauling heavy materials can result in bad posture. ;

Sometimes, doing repetitive work, especially in the office, can lead to bad posture. While there’s no problem working to put food on the table, doing the same thing five times in a week can have repercussions on our stance and our body. What’s the right way of ensuring that our posture will improve?

Besides having to visit a medically certified professional, there are several tried and tested methods of correcting lousy body positioning. Getting a good massage tailored to correcting muscle groups and your back’s figure can help.

There are different ways of correcting posture. But one of the tried and tested methods of ensuring a good position is giving your body the right rest and treatment that it needs. Whether it’s chiropractic treatment, resting during the weekends, or even a good long massage after a day at work, they can help ensure that posture can return to normal.

Usually, most massages are focused on the back and several muscle groups that help support your back. But how does this contribute to your overall posture and body positioning?

What Causes Bad Posture?

Well, there are different contributing factors to bad posture. These are mainly caused by the structure of the spine and the habits that are usually caused by muscle memory from doing specific tasks the wrong way.


First and foremost, one indicator of bad posture is the figure of the person. The bone and muscle structure of the individual should be taken into account. While most can discern bad attitude by merely looking at the person’s figure, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they already have “bad posture.” We have to remember that each person has their own unique structure.

For instance, someone might be born with significant scoliosis. In most cases, we can’t consider this person as having a bad posture since they might have been born with this condition. While it’s not necessary the ‘ideal’ posture that we usually see, their body is still working in tip-top state.


Usually, posture is not necessarily caused by physiological issues but more on habits and mannerisms. Naturally, it’s our muscles defy gravity and help our body move. If this is the case, then focusing on our back’s muscle groups can help improve our posture.

Professional therapists would suggest holding a good body position regularly since this will help enable a good figure.

Why Should You Get a Massage?

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Massages are an excellent way of correcting posture. The most common model of a person that has wrong body positioning is one that is kyphotic. That means that the shoulders are leaning forward, which gives the person a hunched effect. That makes the stomach area pushed forward while much of the buttocks area is sticking out. Most of the time, there is no natural curve on the back.

Not only massage a great way of correcting muscle movement, being able to free up pinched nerves and muscles can help ensure a wide range of motion for the individual. On top of getting your muscles relaxed and helping them adapt to better posture, it’s also a great way of promoting back pain relief.

Remedial Massage

Usually, our back muscles and chest muscles get weak every time we stretch our arms to do menial tasks. That can result in our chest muscles becoming shortened and weakened. This particular imbalance of muscles can cause a cascade of inequality among the back muscles.

A remedial massage is an excellent way of fixing any muscular imbalance in the torso and back muscles.

Shiatsu Massage

If you’re planning on getting a more traditional means of relieving your back muscles and correcting your posture, Shiatsu massage is known for its finger pressure yet fluid movements that can help stimulate weak back muscles.

Most practitioners would relate this massage to traditional Chinese medicine. There are hundreds of variations that are being practiced worldwide, with most incorporating the use of state-of-the-art ergonomic furniture and gadgets.

Massages have been around for hundreds of years but have proven to be an effective way of relieving muscle and back pain, which can help posture.

Whether you’re getting a Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish, or reflexology massage, it’s essential to take a step back and relax. Chronic back pain, stress, and lousy posture are often linked together. Get yourself a massage because you’ve earned it after a long day at work.

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