A Quick Guide to Booking a Wedding Photographer

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Memorable life moments, such as weddings, need to be captured and preserved for a lifetime. The best way to do this is to find the best wedding photographer. However, picking a photographer isn’t as easy as it seems. You need diligence and patience when looking for one. Photographs are the main cornerstones of weddings, and a “hope for the best” attitude won’t cut it. Before booking a photographer, check out our recommendations for your consideration.

Pick Your Style

Style is essential when searching for a photographer. Check the photographer’s online portfolio to see if his or her style complements your taste. This will help you if he or she is the right one for your life-changing moment. Here are some examples of wedding photography styles:

  • Artistic – this style infuses the photographer’s taste with your personal preference. Think of it as a photographer’s point-of-view (POV) on how he or she sees you as a couple through the lens. Pictures taken using this technique are natural yet dramatic. It also highlights Orem’s wedding dresses, which are the focal points of wedding photographs.

  • Classical – it’s often called the “posed technique” in which the couple and their families are grouped for the shot. Most of the photographs are based on the couple’s key moments, such as their first kiss or dance as a couple. It’s still used today but given a modern twist by photographers.

  • Contemporary – similar to artistic photography, it uses modern techniques to highlight the couple’s special moments. It’s edgier because it uses tilted angles or emphasizes the bride’s smile or the groom’s laughter. It’s more of “capturing the moment” style mixed with unorthodox shots.

Styles can be blended depending on the discussions between the clients and their photographers. Whatever will look best in pictures, go for that style.

Check Their Backgrounds

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It’s not enough to rely on what you saw on their online portfolio. Photographers will always post their best photos to attract more clients. When browsing their folios, you can do a reverse image check to if the photograph is legit. Unfortunately, some “photographers” would steal photos and claim it as their own. Doing a background check will help you weed out fraudulent photographers. Asking for referrals is also ideal because it will be easier for you to check their claims. If their references and folios check out fine, consider his or her services.

Review and Compare Package Deals

Photography packages differ among photographers. Their rates depend on their popularity and professional skills. During the screening process, it’s best to ask for their base rates and additional services fees. Once they’ve submitted their package proposals, compare them, and decide which has the best offer. Your decision should be based on your wedding’s budget and vision for your special day.

Assess Agreements and Negotiate Deals

All deals and contracts should be examined before signing them. Read the fine print and ask questions first. Negotiate with the photographer about package deals or other package inclusions. Don’t forget to ask about the photographs, and if how long can they post-produce them before giving them to you. New agreements should be noted or annexed in the contract. Assess the new deal before signing it.

Weddings are momentous life events, and choosing the right photographer is crucial. He or she must jive with your vision and help you execute it flawlessly. Your photographs will be a testament to your love and devotion for years to come.

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