What Your Lawn Can Do for You

lawn with yellow flowers

Having a house with a lawn is the dream of many aspiring homeowners. A beautiful yard has long been a symbol of success and prosperity, hence the existence of common expressions like “The grass is greener on the other side.”

However, the resources required to maintain a lawn have made it a target of criticism, especially with sustainability and social justice becoming popular sentiments. However, there are benefits to having a lawn at home, which is why many people in Perth continue to keep and maintain gardens. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining a lawn at home:

Clean the air

Although many focus on planting trees as a way of providing fresh air, grass can get the job done as well. Like all other green plants, the grass can absorb carbon dioxide to create energy for itself. This, in turn, helps keep the air clean or fresh, particularly in urban areas where vehicle emissions can increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Thus, you can breathe easily and enjoy the wonders of the outdoors freely.

Absorb and filter water

sprinkler on a lawnIn a time of climate change, which brings about heavy rain and deadly floods, having a lawn can be incredibly useful. This is because the grass can absorb excess water and prevent floods from entering your home.

Additionally, grass can filter toxic chemicals that could have seeped into the groundwater. This not only helps keep the surrounding environment clean; it also helps protect your household. Given how much we rely on groundwater for our daily activities, making sure that it is safe to use is of paramount importance.

Reduce noise

If you value your peace at home, a lawn can help you with that. Hard landscape features, such as concrete and walls, can cause sounds to bounce. This can make any surrounding noise almost deafening to your ears.

In contrast, soft landscape features, such as grass, can absorb external sounds and noise. This helps insulate your home against the noises in your neighborhood, which is incredibly helpful in protecting your privacy and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Keep your home cool

Because your lawn regularly uses a large amount of water, its temperature is likely to be more moderate than other urban areas. Furthermore, because it absorbs water, grass will be much cooler to walk on compared to concrete.

This enables your lawn to keep temperatures bearable during the hot summer months. Not only will the yard itself be a much more bearable temperature; the air will be less humid and much cooler. This helps lower your air conditioning bills and keeps you comfortable in the heat.

A part of what makes a lawn a symbol of financial prosperity is that it is quite expensive to maintain. An extensive reticulation system is needed to keep the lawn supplied with water. A water reticulation system consists of various crucial parts, including sprinklers, underground pipes, and a control box. Should any part break down, repairs need to be performed right away so that the lawn can remain verdant.

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