Giving Life to Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

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Most women dream of their wedding day. A large part of this dream is seeing themselves wearing a beautiful gown as they walk down the aisle. Women love to envision themselves wearing the perfect bridal dress. Shopping for it can become an elaborate, and sometimes frustrating, experience. That is why it is important to find a bridal shop that can cater to the style that a woman has in mind.

When the wedding day comes, a woman feels more special as she glides in the bridal dress of her choice. The bigger question is what will happen to this gown once the festivities are over. Some find it wasteful to put it inside a box and forget about it. How can you enjoy your bridal dress beyond your wedding day? Here are inspirations.

Sell or Donate It

Any bride would say that a brand-new wedding dress is not that easy on the pocket. The more elaborate the design, the more that the price goes up. No one can question a bride who spends a big amount on her gown, especially if she can well afford it. But, for practical reasons, it would be good to have a part of this expense back. This is now possible through shops that sell second-hand wedding gowns. You may sell your bridal dress and earn some extra cash out of it. The fun part is that your beautiful gown would be part of another woman’s story.

Another take of this concept is even more rewarding. You can donate or give your gown to a woman you know that cannot afford it. In doing so, you would give her the chance to feel more beautiful on her wedding day. She might have the opportunity to don a bridal gown that she can only dream about.

woman travelling in a wedding dress

Save It for the Little Ones

An excellent way to give new life to your wedding gown is to repurpose it for your future little ones. You can get the professional services of someone who can alter your dress for baby things. You can transform your bridal gown into a christening gown, a bassinet cover, or a baby blanket. Another idea is to have a formal dress or outfit for your baby’s first Christmas. You only need to make sure, though, that the fabric of your dress would not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

The nice thing about this idea is that you can still feel that your bridal dress is part of new chapters in your life. It would be a silent witness to some important events in the life that you have made after your wedding day.

 Make It More Casual

One practical way to still make good use of your gown is to alter it into something more casual. Though your wedding day may only come once, you still have more formal events where you will get invited in. Instead of always thinking about what to wear, you can wear your bridal gown to some special occasions on its new look.

You may turn it into a cocktail dress, or any wearable garment that you can think of. Do not let those yards and yards of fabric go to waste. You may even have small accessories made from its scraps such as ribbons or even some lingerie.

Go for a “Trash the Dress” Photo Shoot

During the wedding day, a bride tries hard to keep her wedding gown as pristine as possible. She may enjoy wearing it but there seems to be a limit to what she can do about it.

If you felt this way as a bride, there is an emerging trend where you can have the chance to enjoy your dress more. It is a photo shoot called “Trash the Dress.” The concept of this shoot is to do more while you are on your wedding dress. Some famous ideas are jumping on a pool, playing with the waves, or even getting some underwater shots. A bride may also run on a muddy farm or play with paint while wearing her bridal gown. The impression that this photo shoot wants to create is a carefree version of the bride and the dress.

Reminisce with It on Milestone Anniversaries

Another photo shoot idea gives you the chance to wear your wedding dress again. Milestone anniversaries are very special occasions. You can relive the moments of your wedding day on your first anniversary or a decade after.

If your body would not have many changes, it would be nice to wear your gown on your silver or golden anniversary. You may also wish to make some simple alterations to it so you can still wear it on the said occasions. Nothing brings back memories more than to be on that same dress again. You may also want to renew your vows with your spouse.

Your wedding gown is a precious piece of garment. Finding creative ways to use it beyond your wedding day helps to make it more special.

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