What Can Disqualify You from Receiving Disability Benefits

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Filing for benefits due to a disabling condition can be a difficult process. But it’s sometimes a necessary step to ensure financial stability while you’re recuperating from an accident or illness. According to data, more and more people are filing for disability benefits. The claims and applications that the Social Security Administration is rejecting increases with the number of people who are filing them.

You might not be aware of the conditions that could sink your application. The reasons that can stop you from receiving disability benefits can fall into two categories: disqualification due to problems regarding the applicant and disqualification due to problems regarding the condition of the disability.

Although there are lawyers that help secure Social Security Disability benefits, you should know the factors that can prevent you from getting them in the first place.

Disqualification Because of the Applicant

Certain issues can arise from an applicant rather than their condition. One of the basic problems is if the Social Security Administration cannot get in touch with the applicant. The agency’s representatives will most likely deny a case if they cannot discuss it with the applicant. You should always update your contact information to avoid this outcome.

The representatives can also deny you from getting benefits if you are ineligible for the program. A common reason for this is if you earn too much money. This could be because you have an ample bank account or a trust fund that can sustain you during your convalescence.

Failure to cooperate with the process and representatives will also lead to disqualification. This means complying with all requirements, such as additional examinations and any medical documentation. By extension, refusing to follow established can also lead to disqualification, if you can’t present an acceptable reason for such a course of action.

Finally, they will likely deny your application if you are convicted of a crime or commit fraud. Disability benefits will not cover any injury sustained while you were committing a felony or while in prison. The Social Security Administration can terminate disability benefits and persecute you if you commit fraud to get them.

Disqualification Because of Condition

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Your condition must meet certain requirements┬áso you can recevive benefits. First, you must prove that it is disabling. This means that you must not be able to do the work that you once did and that you can’t cope with other jobs because of it.

The condition must also be severe enough. It should significantly affect your ability to perform basic activities, such as standing, walking, remembering, and lifting. It should also affect you for a period of no shorter than a year.

Lastly, your disability cannot be primarily because of alcohol and drug abuse. They will not grant you any benefits if your condition can improve if you quit alcohol or drug use. The Social Security Administration will also consult a list of conditions and illnesses to make their decision.

Keep these restrictions and requirements in mind when you apply for disability benefits. In case you encounter a scenario where you could lose your lifeline in tough times, don’t hesitate to approach professionals who can file appeals on your behalf. Securing these benefits is a vital step to securing your future.

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