Ways to Prepare Your Loved One with Dementia for a Care Home


Dementia can cause impaired reasoning and difficulty in performing everyday activities. It can make patients difficult to live with, especially once their condition worsens. Dementia affects millions of people all around the globe. According to Alzheimer's Disease International, it is becoming extremely common these days, with one person developing this condition every three seconds.

Now that you know that your loved one has dementia, one decision you need to make is how you can care for them better. When no one is available to care for a dementia patient at home, you have the option to take them to a reputable dementia care home in Dartford.

They may not like the idea of staying in a home care facility. But if you can no longer provide the kind of care and attention they need, then you should seriously consider home care. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is with the right people. But before you make all the decision, it would be best to prepare your loved one first.

Introduce the facility and staff to your loved one

Make sure to visit the facility with your loved one to slowly introduce them to their future environment. Introduce the staff and allow them to show your loved one the programs and activities they can enjoy. Use this opportunity to talk to the staff. Tell them about your loved one's needs and preferences. Don't hesitate to share their life story. This will make it easier for them to learn more about your loved one and find ways to make them feel at home during their stay.

Let your loved one choose a few familiar items they can bring

Most care home these days already have everything your loved one might need. So there may be no need for you to bring or buy them a new bed, chair, and table. But it pays to allow your loved one to bring along a few familiar and personal items. The staff will encourage this so that your loved can feel more at home even if they are miles away from their home. Bring along a few photo albums, their favourite books, and other items allowed in the facility.

Keep in touch and visit them often

Your presence can help assure your loved one that you still care for them. Make sure to visit as often and as long as you can, especially during the first two weeks. They may need this time to fully adjust with their new home, but your love and support can help them adjust better. Know the dos and don'ts when paying visits to a dementia care home to make each visit a more manageable one. While you're at it, make sure to encourage them to join in the activities.

Find the right timing before taking your loved one to an outing

Even dementia patients can spend quality time with their loved ones out of the facility. But before you take them out, make sure that they have already gotten used to the facility's routine. Once they have adjusted to their new home and environment, you'll find it easier to take them out and bring them back.

Your loved one developing dementia may break your heart. But that is not enough reason to give up on them. Even if you can't care for them yourself, you can still do so by letting them stay in a quality facility where expert staff can take better care for them.

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