Visit Parks in Layton for a Quick Weekend Getaway


Traveling does not have to involve a lot of planning and organizing. You can just be spontaneous, pack your bags, and put together an itinerary for a day or two very easily. So, where to this time?

You can take advantage of the spring climate in Layton, Utah. The community offers lush green parks with blossoming flowers and other greenery. The grounds are kept green by sprinkler installations in Layton and maintained by commercial landscaping service providers throughout the year.

Layton Commons Park

This is regarded as the biggest park in Layton. It is a 47-hectare park area that has over 450 parking spaces, 15 picnic shelters, 2 playgrounds, 9 barbecue grills and 2 picnic pavilions. There is complimentary Wi-Fi access in the area, so you can stay connected while enjoying the scenery. Unfortunately, pet dogs are not allowed in this area.

Ellison Park

Ellison Park is the next biggest park here. It spans 44 acres and is equipped with 7 soccer fields, 2 baseball fields, 2 football fields, 2 tennis courts, 1-mile walking trail, skate park, basketball courts, and playgrounds. There is so much to do and find at Ellison Park.

Grey Hawk Park


The Grey Hawk Park is situated in Redtail Way. The park has picnic pavilions, playgrounds, basketball court, tennis court, pickle ball courts and a walking trail that stretches to about 0.44 miles. If you want a quick break from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is a perfect place for you. Pet dogs are allowed in this park.

Oak Forest Park

Oak Forest Park is well loved by pet lovers, as you can bring your furry friends here. The place has the same amenities that any parkgoer wants in a park, such as a tennis court, basketball court, baseball fields, barbecue grills, picnic pavilion, playground and 100 parking spaces. Amenities such as restrooms and free Wi-Fi are available here.

Woodward Park

The James E. Woodward Park is a pet-friendly park of 10.6 acres. The park is a popular picnic park like plenty of the other Layton parks. It has a picnic pavilion, 3 BBQ grills, 2 basketball courts, a playground, a Little League baseball field, a cricket pitch, a soccer field, tennis courts, sand volleyball court and a half-mile walking trail. It also has Wi-Fi, a restroom and a 65-vehicle parking lot.

Chelsea Meadows Park

Chelsea Meadows is another pet-friendly park in Layton. It sprawls over 8 acres and has a picnic pavilion and 2 BBQ grills. It has 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts and 2 playgrounds. It also has soccer fields, a sand volleyball court and a 0.5-mile walking trail. It has Wi-Fi service, restroom and space for 30 vehicles.

This weekend, go out and play. Keep your gadgets away and enjoy Mother Nature with your loved ones. Life is short. Make the days count and use it to the fullest. Traveling keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated. It allows you to reset, so that when you go back, you will be ready to take on the world.

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