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Most of us have struggled with our own set of insecurities. Whether these have to do with our physical appearance, intellectual capacity, material possessions, relationships, or friendships, we have all envied other people at one time or another.

Without self-confidence, we will all go through life miserable and depressed. We need to understand that we need a healthy level of self-confidence (not conceit) to be successful in our personal and professional lives. It helps put you out there to try new things and know your potential and limits.

The good thing is you can do something about it. Here are some things you can do to boost your confidence:

5 Simple Things to Do to Boost Your Confidence

1. Run your own race, not another person’s race and not against other people.

Most people go through life trying to outdo other people and prove they’re better at everything. The most insecure people are sometimes the most competitive. Imagine the stress they go through and what its toll is on their health.

You have to keep in mind that you are running your own race.  Whether you look to other people’s Instagram account or car, their bank accounts or jobs, know that comparisons are never healthy. The more you compare, the more envious you feel. The more envious you are, the more you feel insecure. It is an unhealthy and endless cycle of defeat.

Change your mindset. If you are going to compare yourself, compete with yourself from yesterday. Each day gives you new opportunities to improve yourself.

2. Take care of your health and wellness.

It’s hard to be confident if you’re not feeling too good about yourself physically. You have to take care of your body. Studies show that those who feel good about themselves physically are more confident in how they deal with people and circumstances.

Go to the dentist and have those teeth fixed. If you’re not too keen on having braces, some orthodontists offer clear braces in Taylorsville, Pittsburgh, or anywhere in the country. A nice smile can do wonders at boosting one’s confidence. Watch what you eat. You don’t need to starve yourself. You just need to know what to eat and how much of it you should it. Go to the gym and workout. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good about yourself.

Do whatever it takes to take good care of your body and health. After all, you only get one during your lifetime. You cannot trade it in for another body nor are there any spare parts to buy in the market.

3. Give yourself some love and compassion.

Treat yourself with kindness. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go well. Understand that there are a lot of things in life you cannot control. The sooner you accept this truth, the sooner it is that you learn to work with what you have.

Don’t treat nor speak to yourself harshly, as it has nothing but negative effects on your self-esteem. Rather, pump yourself up. Give yourself a pep talk. Encourage yourself as you would a dear friend. At times, it’s even healthy to learn not to take yourself seriously and laugh at your mistakes and blunders.

4. Learn to say “No.”

One of the most powerful words ever created is “No.” The ability to say “no” to a lot of things has enabled and empowered countless individuals and changed their lives.

Saying “no” to work on weekends have brought families together. Saying “no” to unproductive and unfruitful invitations helped people learn to prioritize. Saying “no” and standing up to a bully helped victims get a sense of power, relief, and confidence that weren’t there before.

Saying “no” teaches people to respect your boundaries. It gives you greater control over your life.

5. Embrace your strengths.

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We are all unique individuals wired for certain things and functions. We all have different skills and talents at varying degrees. You may not be Albert Einstein, but if you’re a whiz at Math and Physics, use that to your advantage. You may not be at the top of your class, but you’re probably talented in the arts and music. Work with that.

Invest in your talents. Take classes, seminars, and workshops to become better at the things you do best. Take ownership of your talent for that is the lot given to you to cultivate and grow. As you continue to hone your talent and sharpen your skill, people are going to be attracted to you.

Building your self-confidence allows you to make bolder (and hopefully, smarter) decisions in life. No one is born with an endless supply of self-confidence. It is something that needs to be cultivated daily for us to succeed in life.

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