5 Sports That Can Harm Your Teeth

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There’s no doubt playing sports can be extremely fun. But don’t let it get into your head. If you’re not careful, you can end up missing a tooth at the end of the game.

Statistics show roughly 19.3 percent of the population in the U.S. is actively engaged in exercise and sports every day Just as how fun these sports you like can be, is also how severe the possible consequences are. Of all the injuries in America, 3.5 million injuries are sports-related, with sprains and strains most common. Many of these incidents, however, have translated into players breaking their teeth — if not losing them altogether.

You may think the chances of you losing your tooth while engaging in sports are slim. And like you, many do not protect themselves while playing sport. For one, 67 percent of parents said that their child does not wear any mouthguards while playing sports. It’s no surprise about 3 million teeth get knocked out at sports events in a year.

The good news is while possibilities of being in an incident caused by sports abound, they’re entirely preventable. Indeed, you can follow tried-and-tested ways to prevent such from happening.

Even better, you can choose your sports. Below are ways you can protect your teeth when playing sports and a list of sports you need to watch out for to keep all your teeth intact.


In a study, there are roughly 10.6 injuries per 100 athletes in men’s basketball, which is three times the injuries in football. On the other hand, women’s basketball had a lower rate of five incidents per 100 athletes. Just a quick peek at an NBA game will tell you, mouthguards should be the best thing you can do while playing basketball.


You are expecting this to be on the first spot right? Well, it was. In the year 1950s, before the spread of mouthguard use, a staggering 54 percent of injuries in football involved teeth. Forward to 60 years after, such dental injury is just around 2.8 percent. All thanks to mouthguards.

Take note that in the event you lose your teeth while playing football, it’s really not the end of the world for you. If you can find that lost tooth, the better. Dental experts should be able to put it back. Or you can undergo dental surgery and have a dental implant and a replacement tooth in place. The right expertise should make you feel like you didn’t lose a tooth at all.


“Ball and Stick” Games

This category includes hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. It simply includes any game that has a stick or bat with a player striking a ball. Unfortunately, games like this have resulted in a high number of injuries, albeit not as severe as the other games. That’s because players in this game are required to have mouthguards and other protective gear worn.

Martial Arts, Wrestling, and Boxing

More than 50 percent of professional wrestlers were reported to have some dental injury. However, such a record is not as high as others because these sports strictly require players to wear some mouthguards and other protective equipment. Thanks to this, teeth-related injuries are minimized.

“Thrill Seeking” Sports such as Skateboarding

Included in this category are skiing and skateboarding. You may ask, why are there injuries if this kind of sport does not have any contact with an opponent? Well, keep in mind that an unplanned maneuver does result in contact with the pavement.

Ways to Protect Yourself When Doing Sports

Protecting our heads is our top priority. In sports such as football, baseball, and cricket, wearing a helmet is a must. Remember that your helmet must fit your head properly to avoid severe head injury. In doing so, you protect your teeth.

Mouthguards are a must in contact sports. Most sports require mouth protection. These mouthguards however must fit your mouth properly. It also must be durable and often cleaned between wear.

Prevention is always better than cure. You must remember that. Before you engage in sports, take a step back. Ask yourself if are not risking your teeth in the decision Indeed, a good way to deter teeth injury is to choose your sports. Why engage in basketball if you can compete in swimming?

This is especially true to put priority on your teeth. And, if you decide to play sports, you also must also decide to wear protective equipment. By doing this, you give yourself the joy and excitement you desire in your favorite sport. Even better, you can rest easy you will not go home incomplete, minus one front tooth

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