The Benefits of Self-expression

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The power of expressing yourself has been an age-old discourse between artists and psychologists alike. It’s something that we constantly hear, may it be in relationships, in school, or at work. Sometimes, it’s not the easiest thing to do because people tend to dislike emotions. In other cases, people love expressing themselves no matter what they feel.

Expressing one’s feelings

Bottling up your feelings is a dangerous, dangerous thing. When you fill something to the brim, it will eventually spill, and worse, it can explode. Repressing emotions may hinder a person from confronting their problems. Bottling emotions can also come from fear of what would happen when they are acted on. For example, if you’re going through a rough patch with your partner, talking about what you feel can lead to a huge fight. Instead of acting on these feelings, pretending to be fine is easier for the meantime.

According to Sian Beilock Ph.D., in her article on Psychology Today, “Verbalizing our anxieties seems to help us manage our behavior.” A study found that students who wrote about their fears in an upcoming exam got better grades. This goes to show that expressing oneself relieves stress and helps a person cope with their situation.

Expressing one’s personality

Self-expression does not only take place because of a problem. It can also be a way to convey your personality to other people. No words needed. Besides, “show don’t tell” is a popular phrase between artists. There are different media in which a person can express themselves: writing, fashion, and interior design.


Journaling is a popular way to pour out feelings into paper, and it’s the medium studied by researchers. A journal can be like a free writing exercise where you just write everything that goes into your head. On the other hand, it is an avenue for reflection. Jot down the events of your day or week, your goals, and the challenges that you encountered. Along the way, you’ll discover parts of yourself.


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There’s a difference between fashion and style. Fashion is fleeting. It is the current trend. It’s what you see on the runway, the magazines, and fancy events. On the other hand, style is what feels best for you. It’s personal, and it stays even when seasons change.

Both are important to self-expression through clothes because to find your style, you must experiment and explore the current trends. Through discovering what makes you look good and comfortable, you can present yourself in a way that exudes confidence.

Interior design

Personalizing your space is an excellent way to stay grounded to who you are at the end of the day. When you come home from a busy day at school or work, coming back to this space should make you feel calm and welcomed. A good way to do this is through interior design, where you can integrate your personal taste. Go to a local furniture store and buy knick-knacks like a photo wall, plants, and candles of your choice. Throw pillows are also great additions to the bed.

Self-expression is a gateway to understanding yourself and your feelings. It’s important to do this often so that you will be in touch with your true self.

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