The 5 Aspects of Holistic Health Most People Often Overlook

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Health is measurable in several ways and often gets broken down into various numbers and diagnoses that typically don’t provide the best image of what a genuinely healthy body and mind looks like, even with modern-day medicine and technological advancements. That’s why holistic health is so crucial because to achieve optimal wellness in all senses — you need to view and support the body as a whole.

Here are five aspects of holistic health that most people overlook:


Countless studies have shown that the happiest individuals often have deep connections with family, friends, and their general community. However, social interaction doesn’t mean going to parties or clubs. It can be as simple as attending small, intimate gatherings like poetry reading sessions or open mic events. Professional guest speakers also offer talks or shows that both entertain and enlighten.

Additionally, you can also ensure optimal social health by making time for in-person connections with your loved ones, getting involved in your local community, and setting boundaries with people in your life that inflict stress or bring toxic energy. Doing these things ensure a healthier, happier, and thriving you. You can start by volunteering at local organizations, joining local clubs or programs, or spending more time with family and friends.


Spiritual wellness doesn’t pertain to religious practices alone, though the two often possess overlapping approaches and principles — they aren’t the same. Instead, spiritual health focuses on how you connect with your soul and the extensive world around you, making you feel free, happy, and alive. You can nurture your spiritual health by spending time in nature, meditating, and practicing your faith.


When talking about health in general, most people think about their physical health initially. That’s because the physical body is what shows individuals visible signs and symptoms that indicate optimal or suboptimal health. Additionally, these are easier to track and measure than other non-physical indications that may feel more abstract.

You can support your physical health in several ways. These include getting the right amount of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Avoiding succumbing to vices such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption is also crucial in ensuring optimal physical health.

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One’s emotional health often gets overlooked by many individuals, but keep in mind that your emotional health is just as vital as your physical since your emotional health can affect your overall physical stature — when not prioritized. You can support your emotional health by seeking out therapy when needed, practicing mindfulness, and avoiding stress by avoiding life’s daily stressors.

Writing down and recording your thoughts in a journal can help maintain optimal emotional health by bringing positivity into times of stress.


Mental health remains one of the most ‘touchy’ subjects for holistic health, which is crucial as it overlaps physical and emotional health. Many people mistake mental and emotional health for the same thing. However, there are several huge distinctions between the two, with the most significant being that emotional health refers to one’s daily mood and emotion. In contrast, mental health refers to a person’s cognitive ability affecting how the brain functions.

You can support your mental health by keeping your mind active by trying new things and seeking out learning opportunities — challenging your brain. Eating nutrient-dense foods high in antioxidants and fatty acids can also reduce overall inflammation, supporting your cognitive functions, which in turn, improves your mental stature. Avoiding debilitating habits like excessive drinking, smoking, and drugs can also maintain optimal mental health.

Although people live longer in this modern age, many are experiencing high levels of stress and fatigue, eating nutrient-depleted foods, and getting exposed to hundreds of harmful chemicals every day. These factors make holistic health crucial in a person’s overall well-being. That’s why holistic approaches are becoming popular, providing whole-body solutions that address the aspects mentioned.

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