Activities to Do at Home to Make Staying in Feel Like a Vacation

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With all the negative things happening in the world today, the least you can do for yourself is make your days as exciting as you can. You can use multiple methods to add color to your life. But it can be challenging to get the motivation you need to start anything when you’re running out of ideas. Though times are grim, you can still improve every day by adding changes to what you do at home. To make staying at home feel like a vacation, you can start with the staycation activities below.

Bring Your Cinema Outdoors

Instead of watching your favorite movies and shows from a laptop or phone, why not bring the film-watching experience outdoors, drive-in style? Watching movies in an open area brings a different thrill from the traditional movie house, but it’s certainly one for the books. To make the whole outdoor movie-watching experience more exciting, you can enjoy delicious treats. These can be s’mores and a cup of warm cocoa to keep you cozy during chilly evenings.

Get Into Cleaning Mode

Clean facilities are imperative in hotels — it’s one of the factors clients look for when choosing accommodation. To experience something similar, you can clean the different areas of your home and enjoy relaxing in hotel-quality rooms. Simply changing your sheets and putting away clutter can do the trick, but you can exert extra effort by going into full cleaning mode. You can also light scented candles and let aromatic fragrances waft through your home to enhance the atmosphere.

Take a Break From the Kitchen

Good food is one of everyone’s saviors during the pandemic. But with elaborate dishes comes a load of dirty dishes, which can be exhausting to clean. If you’re planning on going on a vacation at home, washing dirty dishes should not be a part of your itinerary. To fully immerse yourself in staycation mode, you can treat yourself to takeouts from your favorite restaurants and take a break from kitchen duty.

Pack a Picnic Basket

Going on vacation includes relaxing outdoors, and because of the pandemic, it’s something you can’t enjoy at the moment. Despite not having the chance to enjoy outdoor activities like before, you can still unwind in your garden area and bask under the sun’s warmth. One of the activities you can do is go on a picnic. You can pack your favorite breakfast meals. Lay them out on a blanket and enjoy delectable food surrounded by fragrant flowers and fresh air.

Flaunt Your Branded Pieces

Like watching your favorite titles outdoors and going on a picnic in your backyard, there’s no rule preventing you from donning branded pieces at home. Despite the limited chances to wear your designer clothes, you can reclaim lost time by dressing yourself up even during remote work shifts. If you want, you can upgrade your looks by trying on different hairstyles with your natural hair or wigs. To ensure that your wigs remain in excellent condition, you can look for wig styling services to maintain their quality.

Enjoy a Tropical Holiday by the Pool

Summers were also one of the holidays taken away by the pandemic. But as long as you have a theme in mind and the will to create it, you can enjoy a relaxing staycation at home. To include your pool in your whole staycation plan, you can go for a tropical holiday theme by decorating your pool area with colorful ornaments. Consider installing a table full of cocktail drinks and other summer delicacies.

Go Glamping

By day, you can use your garden space for picnics, and by night, you can use it for glamping. There are only a few things you need for glamping: an outdoor recliner, a tent, or a sleeping bed. While observing the stars and naming constellations, you can enjoy campfire treats and warm yourself before a firepit. Turning off the lights in your house and having a telescope at hand will also allow you to see stars clearly.

Embark on a Photowalk

Photos are an essential part of a vacation, but the memories you make at home are still worth immortalizing. Considering that you haven’t been out for a while, capture images from your daily life and go on a photo walk around your neighborhood. During your few outdoor walks, you can take snaps of the familiar route you tread on your way to the grocery or when you’re taking your pets for a stroll.

In light of the global pandemic and despite the limited activities you can do at home, you can still treat yourself to a relaxing staycation by using the different areas of your house to hold fun activities

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