Starting a Livestock Business: Should You Do It?

Cows in the farm

If you dream of being your own boss, being outdoors constantly connected with nature, and providing sustenance for your family and for your community, running your own farm might be the right career path for you. Animal husbandry or livestock farming is the business of raising and breeding farm animals for agricultural purposes and it’s thousands of years old.

Crops and animals are two primary sources of food which is why many choose to start a livestock business because of its growth potential. However, just because there is a constant demand for raised livestock and the resources these animals produce, it doesn’t mean that every attempt in livestock business will always be a success.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the growth of a livestock venture. While it is a very profitable business, it can also be one of the most taxing and demanding ventures. Before fully kick-starting a business in livestock, here are a few things to remember.

Know your purpose

For a livestock business to be successful, it helps that you know exactly what you want. Decide early on which animals you are starting with and which ones you will eventually be adding if things go well. This detail is essential in starting livestock farming because your purpose will determine your business needs such as equipment, location, and market.

Find the perfect location

A livestock venture, just like every other business, tends to begin small and will take time to develop. Finding a location for your business ultimately depends on whether you are aiming for a small-scale livestock business or a large farm with various animals. In choosing a location for your livestock farms, you have to consider its accessibility by transport, climate, seasonal variances and most of all, size, especially if you’re thinking of eventually adding a shearing shed for sheep or a three-sided shelter for pigs.

Examine your own abilities

The success of your own livestock farm ultimately depends on your own abilities. To be an efficient livestock farmer, you need to have a good understanding of the business practices, management strategies and techniques, and the ins-and-outs of livestock production. Attending formal training or helping in an established livestock farm before starting your own will help you gauge your own capabilities in the livestock venture.

Get your livestock equipment

Livestock farming takes more than just the perfect farm location and a fully-capable owner. The chance of your livestock business to thrive also depends on having all the required equipment in order to run your own business. Feeding equipment, water tanks, manure spreader, and livestock trailer are just some of the essential items for a fully-functioning livestock farm.

Market your products

Herd of sheeps

Producing high-quality products should be your top priority but having a good marketing strategy should be a close second. Now that you are committed to this business, you need to believe in your own products, advertise, and make people aware of your business. Customers will not find you, you have to seek them. Just like every other business venture, your livestock farm will greatly benefit from a website, promotions, and advertisement.

Establishing a livestock farm requires total dedication and the ability to properly feed and care for animals. While you may enjoy being constantly with animals, livestock farmers need to be outdoors in all kinds of weather and perform physically strenuous work. This career path is not for everyone but for those who really want to do it, it is ultimately very rewarding.

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