Salon Secrets: Helpful Pointers for Earning Your Hairdresser’s Favor

hairdresser holding scissors, comb and hairdryer in hands and picking proper hairdo to smiling long haired customer

Have you ever wondered about how some people just seem to get better service from the salon you frequent? Well, that’s often because they treat the hairdressers and the salon well. After all, they’re people too and would favor others who give them an easy time. If you want them to do the same to you, then you should keep these practical and considerate points in mind as you interact with your hairdresser. You’ll find yourself treated better the more that you put them into practice.

Take Care of Your Hair

Leaving the hair care entirely to the people in the salon is one of the major mistakes that customers make. Some people believe that hairdressers are miracle workers and they can magically restore neglected hair. If you’re one of those, then seriously reconsider. Imagine that you’re in their place and, instead of going straight to the two of you browsing through the popular men’s haircuts in Orem they would have to intensely prepare your hair for it first. Wouldn’t that be a bother?

Leave Your Kids at Home

There are people who, because they think that they have nowhere else to leave the children, take them to their hairdresser appointments. Unfortunately, the salon is no place for kids unless they’re well-behaved; it’s their turn to get a haircut or both. The hairdressers handle a lot of clients already, and rowdy kids can be a little too much for them to bear. Before your appointment, it’s best to look for a relative, friend, or babysitter to take care of your child for you.

Try Coming on Slow Times

Situation inside a Hair salon

Hairdressers can only give so much attention when there are dozens of people coming in for their appointments. If what you’re coming in for will take a while, or if you just want the extra attention, then you have to make some effort. Go to the salon on days when they are not busy, and they are sure to give you the time of day. It also helps if you’re generally well-behaved as a customer and give tips generously.

They’re Always Up for a Story

Part of the reason why some hairdressers love their job is that they can get to meet new people and know more about them. When you’re a repeat customer, they’re likely to ask about your day and about your life so far. They pretty much remember everything you tell them, especially if your story is particularly intriguing, but don’t worry about it. Simply greet them back and entertain their questions to the best of your ability. Of course, if something feels too personal, you can tell them.

When you treat your hairdresser well, they will also do the same to you. And this is certainly a win-win situation. Keep these pointers in mind so you can get quality service, and they can receive a boost in motivation. Maintaining a good relationship with them will only result in more positive feedback, so never stop being a considerate customer.

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