Healthy Choices: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer Drastically

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Knowledge is indeed power. When the first-ever case of cancer was recorded in 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt, the term cancer was not even used. Instead, it was called Edwin Smith Papyrus. Rightfully, it was referred to as a disease that has no treatment. Fast forward to 460-370 BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, came up with the word, cancer. And since then, there have been discoveries as to the different types of cancer that exist to torment man.

As of now, cancer happens to be one of the deadliest diseases on planet Earth. In 2020, 1,806,590 new cases were discovered, and about 606,520 people in America died because of cancer. Without a shadow of a doubt, countless many people are terrified at the mere thought of having cancer. So much, they keep asking if anything can be done to avoid having cancer.

The good news is cancer is an entirely preventable disease. Of course, prevention is a lot better than cure. You would be in a better position to control the outcome of things. What’s more, you won’t be pressed for time, a state most terminal cancer patients don’t enjoy. Best of all, there certainly is no need for you to gamble your life away. Listed below are proven and tested ways to ensure cancer never moves an inch into your body.

Avoid Tobacco

One of the main risk factors associated with cancer and deaths related to cancer is tobacco. No doubt about it. Whether smoked, chewed, or even exposed as a secondhand smoker, constant direct exposure to cigarette smoke doubles your chances of getting cancer. Top of the list is lung cancer. But that’s not all. You can also develop larynx, throat, mouth, and even cervical cancer with rampant smoking.

So one thing you can do to prevent cancer is to avoid tobacco at all costs. If you’re a chain smoker, getting professional help is wise. Such a habit could be difficult to kick. For starters, consult your doctor about it.

Eat Healthily

The food you eat matters a lot. It is essential to eat many fruits and vegetables as they contain the nutrients your body needs. Opt for plant sources like beans and whole grains and avoid high-calorie foods and junk. This will help keep your body in shape.

When your body is in shape, it becomes easy for your body to fight against diseases. And with this, you can reduce the risk of having cancer.

Also, watch out for the amount of alcohol you consume. As much as possible, drink in moderation. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol as this is also a risk factor for certain cancers such as liver, breast, colon, and kidney cancer.

Sustain a Healthy weight 

As unrelated as this may seem, your weight has a role to play. It has been found out that obesity is known to be a risk factor for many deadly diseases, cancer including.  Thus, maintaining a healthy weight is key to help lower the risk of cancer (e.g., kidney, lung, colon, and breast cancer).

Additionally, a great way to prevent cancer is getting testing kits that can detect subtle changes in the body. Being able to detect cancer in its initial stage allows you to better contain its spread.

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A good example here is the availing of a powerful handy colon cancer testing kit. This helps detect even the slightest particles associated with colorectal cancer. And this way, you can manage the onslaught of cancer while still in the early stages. It’s also an easy way to get tested without having to go out of the house.

To sustain a healthy weight, being physically active is crucial. You want to ensure that you stay fit, and one way to achieve that is by doing physical activities.

Simple exercises like jogging, walking up the stairs, going for a long walk, and swimming are beneficial. You will not have to do too much with these exercises, but you will be achieving a lot without you even knowing.

Reduce Exposure to Sunlight 

Skin cancer is one of the fastest raging cancers on planet earth and happens to be one of the most preventable. As compared to other types of cancer, skin cancer has some of the most practical steps for prevention making it a lot easier for many to avoid the disease.

And that is: ensure that you protect yourself from the rays of the sun. First, never expose yourself to the midday sun. Instead, stay under a shade as much as possible when outside. If you have to be under the sun’s heat, apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. This way, your skin is well protected.

Stay Away from Risky Actions

Last but not the least, don’t indulge yourself in risky activities. Never have unprotected sex. Also, never have multiple sex partners. This way, you can avoid infections like HPV and HIV. In doing this, you reduce the risk of having cancers that are related to HIV/AIDS and HPV infection.

Also, bear in mind that sharing needles is a no-no. No matter the circumstance, don’t make such mistakes. This can put you in harm’s way of being infected with HIV and Hep B and Hep C which can increase the risk of having liver cancer.

It’s all about the right choice. When you do, your chances of getting cancer drop precipitously giving you the life you so deserve.

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