Post-COVID-19 Care: Preparing Yourself for the Outside World

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The lockdown was an extremely stressful time for most of us. Because of the mask mandate, quarantine restrictions, and stay-at-home protocol, millions were forced to stay inside their living quarters for an intangible amount of time and wear masks to move around in public spaces. The majority of human beings spent time outside with half of their faces covered.

There is a large correlation between the mask mandate and the self-care we give ourselves COVID-19. The pandemic has most of us looking like cave dwellers. Due to the excessive working from inside the home schedule the companies imposed, daily grooming patterns were thrown out the window. A lot of people forgot how it is to care for themselves daily.

However, on a rather fortunate turn of events, the vaccinations are now underway for most COVID-inflicted countries after hitting almost 2 million deaths. As many begin the inoculation process, hope sparks for those who have been trapped inside their homes for too long. As the entire world holds its collective breath for all the vaccines to work and become effective, the confidence of the world going back to normalcy becomes even firmer.

What are some post-pandemic self-care activities you can do to finally prepare yourself for the outside world?

Ramp Up Cardio

After months of spending entire days inside the house, your overall physical health might have taken a hit. You may have gained some weight due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits caused by anxiety. Ramping up your cardiovascular activities will definitely help in improving your overall physical health. With the increased blood flow pumping through your body, essential nutrients will get to reach and help nurture your skin. Apart from the benefits it brings to your skin, ramping up your cardio can assist in weight loss. You can fit back into your clothes you wore pre-pandemic. It will also benefit and improve your overall health and physique — consequently improving your confidence.

Brace for a Change

Why stop at short-term changes? For a long-term change in your overall look, try investing in yourself and putting on braces for your teeth. Braces are tools that help the dentist correct issues on your teeth. If not resolved quickly, teeth can grow out of order and out of place, which will lead to more problems later in life. Underbites and overbites can lead to breathing problems and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, for example, can lead to an early death.

While braces can be unsightly, there are multiple ways to get around the front installation of braces. You can request your dentist for Invisalign for less severe cases. For teeth that need heavy correction, you can ask for the braces to be installed on the insides of your teeth. Braces are but one of the many self-care activities highly recommended before finally going back outside. Look as good as new with a set of newly corrected teeth.

Hair Grooming

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There is no question that your body’s hair grooming may have gone out of your monthly scheduled habit for the past few months. After all, who will be there to see you and your body hairs except for your spouse and your children? However, as the days go near the resolution of the pandemic, self-care is being called to being once again. Hair grooming should never be left by the wayside before returning to your pre-pandemic routine.

Visiting a proper barber or salon to trim all those unpleasant split ends and raggedy hair and treat your overall horrid appearance is necessary before going back into the fray. Such grooming will grant you the necessary confidence boost to dress back up to professional standards. Looking presentable is important for all kinds of jobs. If people see that you know how to take care of yourself, they know that they are in good hands when working with you.

Sleeping More

While it feels counterintuitive to spend more time sleeping just as the world is slowly picking up pace from a horrible year, more sleep is actually beneficial for your post-pandemic plans. Sleep is an important aspect of body function. Without sleep, our focus and attention would not be in order. Sleep needs to be one of the most prioritised self-care activities you should do before going back into the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Sleep allows your body and your brain to repair themselves and get themselves ready for the upcoming day ahead. It also prevents a wide array of problems like heart disease and certain types of cancers.

Through the efforts of everyone, we finally see the light as regards the pandemic. As the world slowly opens back up, so should we prepare ourselves to face the outside world.

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