Modern Technologies That Have Changed Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental care is no doubt essential for all age groups, irrespective of the risk factors to that you are exposed to. Most people, however, wait until they experience different levels of dental discomfort to visit a dentist. There are nonetheless therapeutic services and much more being offered at a dentist’s office nowadays. One of the best is cosmetic dentistry. The word ‘cosmetic’ in this form of dental care should not fool you into believing that it is only meant to beautify a patient’s smile.

The services offered by a Scottsdale-based dentist under cosmetic dentistry are also designed to boost your oral health. They are thus worth investing in when aiming to improve one’s overall quality of life. Dental veneers, implants, crowns, and teeth whitening are the most common procedures categorized under cosmetic dentistry. Thankfully, several technologies have improved these procedures over the years. The following are among the latest ones.

Digital X-Rays

These machines use a sensor to capture dental images before processing them onto a computer screen. The process is more comfortable compared to the one used for traditional dental x-rays. Moreover, digital x-ray machines reduce your exposure to radiation and allow your dentist to magnify the images for more accurate diagnoses and to better explain your diagnosis to you. Digital x-rays are often used to evaluate the extent of dental caries (tooth decay) and to chart their ideal treatment.

Dental Lasers

In the past, procedures on hard tooth structures and gum tissue were complicated and needed long and often painful recovery periods. Dental lasers are the ideal solution nowadays for these kinds of procedures. These tools simplify the treatment procedure and cause minimal trauma and bleeding to the surrounding areas. Lasers are used for most gingival procedures, including periodontal therapy and gum recontouring that reshapes the gums. They allow these procedures to be completed in one visit, and you will not need stitches afterward.

Optical Scanners

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These are used to create a digital map of your oral cavity and the impressions of your teeth. The scanner, at times, also produces colored scans. These help dentists determine the customization options and shade characterizations that will work best for your cosmetic dentistry procedure. Optical scanners have negated having patients bite down on the cumbersome, bulky and unpleasant tasting materials used in the past to get your dental impression.

Intra-Oral Camera

This is used to generate accurate images of your teeth and their supporting structures. In so doing, your dentist will pick the defects affecting your smile and oral health and customize your treatment accordingly. They can also be used to pick out the areas of your oral cavity that you are not cleaning properly at home. Your dentists will then recommend ways to address these concerns to improve your oral hygiene.

Dental care for some people means unsightly instruments and considerable pain. This is, luckily, no longer the case in the modern dental care industry. The above technologies as well as related innovations have significantly improved the results of optimal dental care and boosted patient comfort. Therefore, a trip to the dentist no longer means pain and discomfort for you and your family.

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