Massage Etiquette: What You Should Know Before Going to Your Appointment

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Massages are well-known for their various health benefits. They provide back pain relief, relieve anxiety, promote better blood circulation, speed up recovery, and enhance the quality of sleep. While you are familiar with the healing power of this magical touch, you might be still wondering about proper massage etiquette. You feel confused about what you can and can’t do during your massage treatment in Lehi. These reminders will help you skip moments of awkwardness and uncertainty so that you can achieve the best massage experience.

1. Be clear about your preferences

When booking an appointment, tell the receptionist about your massage preferences and wellness goals. You can request for a full body massage for relaxation or a massage treatment focused on injured body parts. Doing this will make sure that you’ll get a good match who will work on your needs.

2. Rinse off with a warm shower

Having a shower before getting a massage is a common courtesy. It will help you feel more confident and lessen your body insecurities. Arriving clean is also a sign of respect to your therapist, who will give your entire body a rubdown. Moreover, a warm shower relaxes and softens your muscles, which will make it easier for your therapist to work on them.

3. Don’t apologize for your hairy legs, but mind your feet

Most clients apologize when they fail to shave their legs, but you don’t have to. Your therapist doesn’t care at all and would be just as happy to massage your unshaved legs. However, make sure to wash your feet thoroughly before your appointment. A therapist will be bothered to rub your dirty feet and spread the dirt all over your body. If you’re having foot issues, it’s best to have a podiatrist treat them first before requesting a massage schedule.

4. It’s totally fine to undress

Most massage clients get anxious about disrobing in front of a stranger. However, therapists are trained professionals who see bodies every day. They are there to massage your body, not to judge it. While your therapist will ask you to undress depending on the level of your comfortability, undergarments can get in the way. She can only work on what is exposed, and keeping your undies on would hinder you from experiencing the best massage possible.

5. Don’t hesitate to speak up

Don’t be shy to tell your therapist about how you feel during the session. Speak up if it hurts, if the pressure is too much or if something she does is causing you discomfort. Remember that a massage therapist is only trained to lessen the tension on your body, not to read what’s on your mind. Honest communication during the session is essential if you want to get the most effective treatment.

6. Give a handsome tip

Massage Etiquette

Massage therapists who work in spas only get around 30%-40% of the massage’s total price. They worked hard for your well-being, so it’s just fair to be generous. In most regions, it’s customary to give 20-25% tip to acknowledge their exceptional service.

A massage should not be a one-time treat but should be a part of your health routine. You must know the proper behavior before hitting the massage table with a stranger so that every session will be relaxing and stress-free. 

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