Kid’s Play: Outdoor Swing Sets and Backyard Safety Tips

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When it comes to kids, everyone becomes a safety officer and shows genuine concern over activities that might endanger them. Parents feel their pain and frailty when they are hurt or encounter an accident when playing.

This is why it is important to implement safety measures in play areas, especially if there is an outdoor swing set. Your home’s outdoor area is a great space for relaxation and for developing children’s motor skills.

Homeowners decorate patios with various pieces outdoor furniture in Salt Lake City or create space for a mini-playground can have a swing set or slides to keep kids physically active and to play. Parents must ensure that the play area and the swing or slide set are installed correctly to prevent any accidents.

Additionally, here more safety reminders if you are considering having an outdoor swing set at home.

1. Choose a swing appropriate for their age.

Most swing sets come in a fort or clubhouse style that is fitted with slides, swings, and ladders. While some parents look into sets that can be enjoyed by kids even when they are a little older, it might not be a good decision to make if you have smaller kids.

If you have a toddler, consider getting an infant seat with your swing set which can be converted into a toddler swing seat. Make sure that the swing is set in height that your toddler will not be able to get onto without your help.

2. Do not buy swing sets too tall for them.

Outdoor swing sets come in a varying range of heights and sizes. Choosing one that will last for your child’s entire childhood years may not be the best option when you consider kids’ safety. Go for smaller sets while the kids are still young and upgrade to more elaborate sets when they are tall enough to access the upper levels safely.

Always consider the age and height of your kids when deciding on the length of the slides and the height of the ladders. You can forgo the monkey bars and the rock wall if your kids are still very young.

3. Install the swing set on a soft surface.

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Kids love to climb and be rowdy; this is why it is very important to place the swing set securely and on a soft surface. Most injuries related to outdoor swing sets come from falls, and by having a soft surface, these accidental falls will not lead to serious injuries.

And although a grassy area is a good place to put your swing sets, consider a safer option like rubber tiles, pea gravel, and rubber mulch. Don’t forget to secure everything and follow instructions on how to anchor the swing set.

As a parent, you should also set up some rules for the kids before allowing them to play on their outdoor swing set. Teach them to be mindful of the moving swing, to avoid showing off while on higher levels and the dangers of sliding head first.

Underscore the common causes of accidents and remind them to always practice safety and precaution when playing. Lastly, don’t forget to supervise kids when they are playing outside, especially when you have a younger set of kids who needs your full attention.

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