Humanizing Your Brand: Why It Matters to Your Success

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Customers now gravitate to humanized, customized marketing approaches compared to the generic and traditional. Brands with more human strategies engage and relate to customers much better. But the benefits of humanizing your brand don’t just stop here.

It helps you tell the story of your brand

Storytelling remains to be the top-notch technique among businesses. There’s a power behind stories, compelling us to feel more empathetic. It has always been the way we communicate, so either by writing content or creating short films with a professional video production team, when delivered through storytelling, you can always get your message across to consumers.

In fact, research shows that ninety-two percent of consumers prefer stories for advertisements, specifically with engaging visuals. In the marketing industry, storytelling will always find its place now and in the future, helping brands reach a wider audience.

It helps you build relationships with the audience

It’s not just stories that get right into the heart of the audience. The key is customization, which is the main difference between modern marketing and traditional. The market remains competitive, and consumers are getting used to advertising strategies.

Nowadays, consumers look for different ways of delivery besides the traditional cookie-cutter approach. One way companies can display their brands in a different light is to give their advertisements a human touch, not necessarily through storytelling but talking to and engaging the audience, which can significantly help your brand establish a sense of trustworthiness.

It allows you to show other aspects of your business

People would always want to connect with others. Another humanizing way to present your brand is to get your employees involved, such as picking a photo of your team for your social media profile or cover instead of the company logo.

There’s nothing wrong with displaying your logo but with the goal of giving a human touch to your brand, picking your team or the CEO’s picture as the avatar of your platform makes it appear less cold and robotic. The first few seconds matter when people make first impressions, which is sure to linger in your audiences’ minds. Start the right way with a touch of humanity.

How to Humanize Your Brand


People inherently crave social connection, so just present your brand as humanized as possible, not cold, and you’ll eventually find people trusting your brand more. Here are some ways you can humanize your brand:

  • Put people on the front

The whole humanization effort will need the entire organization’s initiative. Instead of the logo, make the CEO the star of advertisements, and then you can work all the way down, featuring the employees. Set up social media accounts, especially Twitter, using the CEO’s photo. To establish a better human connection, CEOs can even show up in the meetings themselves.

  • Create an inspiring “About Us” page

Of all the parts of your business’ website, focus on your “About Us’’ page. This is the first part the audience will look for once they come across your company, so be sure to grab the opportunity. Tell the story of how your company began and other humanizing sides of your business.

  • Use visual content

Written content remains crucial, but visual content can get you far if you want to reach a wider audience. These visuals may come in the form of original photos, quality videos, and even humor such as memes. Make sure you know when to use humor for your content so as not to confuse the audience.

  • Partner up with influencers

With a large marketing team or not, you can entertain more customers when you work with influencers in social media. Carefully choose and monitor the influencers for your brand. They should be free to become themselves but still reflect the value and objectives of your brand, ensuring they don’t stray too far from your brand’s identity.

  • Let customers peep into your backstage

Interest your customers by giving them a glimpse behind your company’s doors in your website or social media accounts—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. You can do this by displaying your employees working hard or having fun in the office.

  • Put some users in the spotlight

Another way to humanize your brand is to feature some users of your products or services, which flatters the featured user and lets the rest of the audience see how much people enjoy what you offer. This can be in the form of users’ feedback or stories of their experiences.

Be Authentic, Consistent, and Engaging

Whatever strategies you employ to humanize your brand, be sure to stick to your brand’s identity. Never come cold but show up as friendly as much as possible.

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