How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

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Employees deserve recognition now and then. After all, they’re the lifeblood of your business. When they work hard, your business thrives. While not everyone you hire can become a model employee, some are more reliable than others. There are several reasons to treat your employees right and give them the recognition that they deserve.

  • First, of course, it’s just the right thing to do. You’ll feel better if you know you’ve been fair to them.
  • They can focus on their work if they’re not looking over their shoulder every time. Being afraid of your boss isn’t a good source of motivation. Respect for the people you work with, however, is.
  • You don’t have to worry about them trying to “get even.”
  • They’ll treat your customers and other stakeholders better.
  • Attrition is often associated with toxic working environments. Keep your best employees by making them feel important.

Good employees are those who show a sense of ownership. They are reasonably loyal, and they genuinely care about the outcome of their actions: how their performance helps a company, and how an underperforming employee drags it down. Recognizing them can make employees improve and maintain a high level of performance at work. Here are some ways to make your employees feel appreciated:

Tell Them Publicly

A pat on the back is great, but acknowledging an employee publicly is a more powerful morale builder. Do it anytime an employee does something that helps others perform their jobs better or that keeps the company moving forward.

Give Them Small Gifts

Many companies raffle off prizes for their employees, but you can go one step higher by giving them gifts that symbolize your appreciation for what they’re doing. For example, find a company that offers red packet printing in Singapore and use those packets to give your employees a gift check to a local spa or coffee shop. You can also give them cash and small items like coffee mugs, jackets or something similar.

Allow Them to Telecommute

If your business model allows telecommuting, then use it as a perk that your employees can enjoy. Being able to work from home lets them save on fuel expenses and avoid traffic. They can work without dressing up or packing a lunch. As long as they can meet the demands of their job, this should be an excellent way to show them how much you value their work-life balance.

Let Them Lead

This sounds like more work for them, but many employees who perform well also dream of being able to lead others. Instead of immediately hiring new applicants for job openings at your company, think about promoting someone. A promotion and an accompanying raise are excellent ways to motivate your people.

Give Them Autonomy

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There’s nothing more frustrating than having your boss breathe down your neck at every turn. You can’t expect people to respect you, collaborate with their co-employees, and become successful at work if you don’t appreciate their ability to do their job on their own. Employees who enjoy autonomy feel empowered, and that, in itself, is already a reward.

Your employees deserve to feel valued. This will motivate them, and you will earn their respect and loyalty. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to providing a more positive working environment.

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