How to Help a Loved One Who Underwent a Knee Replacement Surgery

Going through a knee surgery is a challenge, especially when you have no friends or family members to help you out. Most people who underwent such treatment often find it challenging to move around. Even more, they'd most likely feel tired and in pain all the time.

There are also times when they'll get frustrated because they can't do anything on their own. At times like this, people who underwent knee replacement surgery needs all the help they can get. But what are the things you can do to help your loved one recover from this type of treatment?

Understanding the knee surgery recovery timeline

One of the best ways to help your loved one is by understanding everything that's happening throughout the surgery and recovery period. Doing so will help you get ready for the kind of assistance that the patient will need for the next days.

First, he or she will get anesthesia. This procedure blocks the pain receptors below the waist. The operation commonly lasts for at least one to two hours. The surgeon will create a cut over the person's kneecap and remove all the damaged parts of the joint. He will then attach an utterly new joint using a type of cement. It will take a few hours in the recovery room before the patient gets transferred to the hospital room.

Doctors may need to put a draining tube to remove the blood collected around the affected knee. They will also have to put him on an IV tube to replace the fluid from his body, as well as give him the necessary medication for pain relief. They'll also have to put him on a catheter for his bladder and compression stockings to promote better blood flow.

Experts say that once he's able to move a little, he'll need to undergo the recovery treatment to avoid any problems.

Helping your loved one with his recovery

Undergoing a knee surgery procedure in Orem, Utah or any other location is not easy. But you can make things a little better for your loved one if you show him the support that he needs.

You can start by preparing the home that he'll stay in. Doing so will help him with his recovery. You can make a bedside commode so that he won't have to move to get to the bathroom. Get his phone and charger ready in case he needs to call for assistance.

Family helping elderly get up

It's also essential to help him ensure that he's taking his medication on time. It's highly advisable to gather all his medicine in one place so that it will be easier to administer them.

These are just some of the things you need to remember if your loved one will go through knee surgery. It's best to meet with the patient's doctor before the start of his outpatient care. Meeting up with his doctor will help you go over all the medicines that the patient needs. Even more, it will allow you to have all your questions answered.

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