How A Life Of Gratitude Is Good For Your Wellbeing

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Have you ever noticed how a lot of people are becoming more and more toxic because of discontent and bitterness? It seems like these are some of the most common denominators toxic people have.

This comes as no surprise because discontentment is a struggle for most people. For most of us, we struggle to see the bigger picture and focus on the things we don’t have, rather than looking at what we do have.

For instance, why do you think people who are generally healthy and fit still want to lose more weight? Even if they no longer need it, they sign up for body sculpting or fat freeze treatment to get the physique they are dreaming of. Of course, this is not to say that treatments like these are bad. We should also be glad for these professionals because they help boost people’s confidence and self-esteem with what they’re doing.

The Red Flags of Discontentment

The point is, people are generally never satisfied with what they have. There is this unending desire to have more and be more. This type of outlook in life can be quite dangerous to you. It can lead to unhealthy relationships brought by your toxicity.

It will manifest in your behavior and the way you respond to certain situations. Here are a few effects and manifestations of discontentment in a person’s life:

  • It leads to a life of envy, jealousy, and insecurity.
  • It makes a complainer and grumbler out of you.
  • It causes you to always make comparisons where there should be none.
  • It fills you with bitterness and anger.
  • It brings more worries and anxieties.

Not a pretty sight, isn’t it? The more you allow these things to take over your life, the more toxic you become. The question now is do you notice these red flags in the way you respond in some situations? Can this still be turned around and changed?

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Turning Things Around

The good news is, yes, it’s not too late to change the way you think and respond. It is believed that gratefulness for the things you have and don’t have can make a huge difference in one’s life.

It reminds you of all the beautiful and positive things in your life like your loved ones, health, possessions, knowledge, and more.

It can potentially change a bad event into something good. Problems with work? It reminds you that you are blessed with work. Not enough money for a car? Be grateful you have your health and that you can freely walk and go where you want to unlike others.

It shifts your mindset into focusing on what’s important. Stressing over the little things will be trumped by the fact that you and your family have a roof over your heads and are healthy and strong. Complaining about your bills is easily overshadowed by the fact that you have different abilities to gain income and produce wealth.

It takes the focus off of yourself. You learn to value how people contribute to your life and what they have done to help you get to where you are.

Thankfulness, more than contentment, lets you experience life to the full even if you don’t have everything in life. It lets you fix your eyes on the good things still happening in your life amid the realities and challenges you’re faced with.

You can counter discontentment and the dangers it brings by living a life filled with thankfulness — having a heart overflowing with gratitude. With all the negativity going around the world today, a life lived with gratitude stands out like a beacon in the night. Let your light shine!

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