Have that Dream Vacation with Your Friends

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There is nothing like going out and having fun with your friends. If you want to take it to another level, why not go on vacation with them? The idea sounds great, but it can be challenging to execute. Dozens of pitfalls can potentially ruin your group vacation. Here’s how you can avoid them:

Agree on a Destination

The very first thing that you need to decide is where exactly are you all going. Sit down with your core group of friends and talk about what you want. Some of them want to go somewhere by the beach; others want to go to a national park, and so on. Float around destinations that might have all of them agreeing to go. This is important since you don’t want one of them whining during the trip that they wanted to go someplace else. Have multiple choices and come to a consensus on where you will be going.

Have a Point Person

To get things organized, you need someone who will be in the lead when it comes to organization. Instead of having everyone doing their own thing, it is easier to coordinate if there is a single person in charge. Your group of friends probably has a Type A personality that will appreciate being given the job, so throw it over to them. If there is no one, at least give it to the person you think is the most responsible.

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Go for Affordable Flights and Accommodations

Two concerns should be on the top of the list: how are you going to get there and where are you staying. These also happen to be the most expensive parts of any vacation. The great thing is since you are traveling as a group, you might qualify for some group discounts. For example, hotels in Fish Creek and other vacation destinations have discounts for large parties available. This can also go for some airlines. If you can get some savings on travel and lodgings, there will be more money left for the fun stuff.

Organize Your People

This is where your point person will shine. Since you are traveling as a group, many responsibilities can be divided among different people. For example, you can have one guy be in charge of travel, one guy in charge of reservations, and more. This ensures that everyone is contributing equally to the vacation in terms of responsibilities. This also extends to packing. If you are planning to use shared items like air mattresses, have one person bring them instead of everyone bringing their own.

Have a Group Fund

It is easier to have a group fund instead of having everyone paying on their own. This should help pay for a variety of group expenses like food, supplies, and taxi fare. Have everyone give the same amount of money at the beginning of the trip. When it gets low, everyone should contribute the same amount again.

Your friends brighten your life. With the tips above, you can have even more memorable times with them. If you’ve done your job right, all you have to do on this vacation is have fun and make some great memories.

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