Fracture in Older Adults: How To Prevent Them

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Fracture is a broken bone and considered one of the most painful injuries. Though bones heal and become whole again, older adults can suffer from fractures. Their lives change after an injury, and it’s because of aging. In older adults, bone mass decreases as they grow older, making them prone to fractures.

The most common site for fractures in older adults is the pelvic area. One of the most sought-after treatments for fractures is hip surgery, even in areas like Highland. Here are ways to prevent fractures in seniors.

Detect and Treat Osteoporosis

A leading cause of fractures in older adults is osteoporosis or the weakening of the bones due to old age. Osteoporosis involves the loss of bone mineral density. This loss makes the bone prone to fractures. Detecting osteoporosis early and providing the needed treatment to prevent it from worsening can reduce the risk of experiencing fractures.

Regular Exercise

Even with old age, exercise is vital to maintain health. Some of the most effective types of exercise for fracture prevention are weight-bearing activities, such as climbing and hiking, and progressive resistance exercises, like lifting weights and jumping rope. These exercises are crucial since they improve balance and coordination as well as build strength.

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Eat for a Healthy Frame

Old age is a stage where you should eat healthily to promote nutrition and health. For stronger bones, eat foods rich in calcium such as dairy products and broccoli. Aim for 1,000 mg of calcium daily for women before 50 years old and men before 70 years old. This amount of calcium can increase the firmness of their bones.

Check Your Eyesight

If you feel drowsy and dizzy, check your eyesight. A blurred vision can cause accidents among seniors, especially if they’re living alone. Also, make sure their eyes get regular checkups, so their eyesight is assessed. In some cases, people with elderly in a big house can spell danger due to blurred or double vision.

Make Sure The House Is Safe

Home is considered one of the safest places, but for seniors, it is where most accidents happen. The house should be well-lit so the seniors can see where they’re going, especially at night. Further, the floor should not be slippery, there should be handlebars around the house, and the stairs should be well-lit all the time. All these can help prevent fractures, which can take a toll on an older adult’s health. Hip fracture, for instance, is one of the reasons why many seniors are confined in their wheelchairs.

Another way to ensure safety in the area is by removing small rugs on the floor where you can trip. Also, add handrails on all staircases. Lastly, bathrooms should be renovated to fit the needs of the elderly.

Fractures are painful, and if left untreated, they can lead to many health conditions. Ensuring the safety of the seniors is essential since they’re pillars of yesterday and their health is deteriorating. The more they age, the less they can balance themselves properly. Hence, making sure the environment is safe is essential.

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