Focusing on Kindness in a World of Social Distancing

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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly negatively impacted all of us in many ways. Many of us are only partly affected by this global pandemic. Some of us had our jobs uprooted from the site and into our homes. Most of our social lives were hindered as we couldn’t physically interact with some of our family and friends and were greatly inconvenienced in making new connections.

For some, the impacts are more life-changing. Many people lost their businesses and jobs, leaving them high and dry in this challenging time. Poor communities are becoming poorer and are left with even fewer opportunities to help themselves out of their situation.

But the worst is the continuous rise in the number of deaths due to the virus. This impacts those left behind as they are forced to grieve in silence inside their homes while social distancing laws prevent gatherings like funerals. Their mental health might be disrupted, adding the feeling of loss to the sense of isolation that already eats away at all of us.

With these effects of the pandemic in mind, we should all try to help each other cope and recover. Even with our small efforts, just a bit of our time and energy, we can significantly help the world in these trying times.

Keep Yourself Healthy

The first and most important thing that we need to do to help is keeping ourselves healthy. Doing our part in preventing the spread of the virus is crucial so that we can do more to help everyone else. Especially now that more and more cases are popping up everywhere, it is advised that we stay inside our homes and keep ourselves safe.

Still wearing masks and maintaining social distancing increases our protection from the virus when we have to go out in public. Apart from that, eating healthy and staying active indoors must also be part of our daily routine.

Read and Disseminate Correct Information

As most of us are inside our homes and scrolling endlessly through the web, we should try to keep ourselves educated about this virus and its progress to eradicate it. Reading articles and research about COVID-19 can help us understand the virus better, along with updates on its variants and how they spread throughout the country.

After knowing more about the virus, we can then help spread the information we learned simply by mentioning it in conversations or sharing it on social media. But we need to know how to differentiate between true and false information as the latter can do more harm than good.

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Participate in Medical Research

One of the most tangible ways to help directly with the eradication of the virus is participating in medical research trials and clinics related to the disease. Doing this certainly has its risks, but it can help in the research process that is vital in finding any cure for any disease. Individuals with the disease or experiencing symptoms are possible candidates for these trials, but healthy individuals can also play a role in finding more information on the subject.

Donate to Charities

Another tangible way to help others is through donating. As mentioned, many people have lost their livelihoods and need help from those in better situations. For those who have extra funds, making monetary donations can help provide different needs for different people. There is even online funding and organizations available for healthcare workers that you can donate to.

But donations other than money can help just as much. Non-perishable food donations, clothing, and other supplies like masks, toilet paper, and the like can be donated and will help many people in need. Blood donations are also welcome as fewer and fewer people are donating blood during this lockdown. Doing this will help many of the struggling patients in hospitals.

Check on Others

Lastly, the task the requires the least effort, but maybe the most important, is checking on our loved ones and everyone we know. Many of us might feel isolated and may need someone to listen to or to talk to. Calling or video chatting with them to catch up and let them know that you are thinking of them can assure them that someone cares and can brighten up their day even just a little. This little act can also help us if we are the ones needing a friend who can listen. We need to reach out to spread more love.

We are all affected negatively by the pandemic in different ways. If we all desire to help one another, these negative impacts can be reduced and countered with the warmth of our compassion. With a bit of kindness, we can all come out of this stronger and more resilient than before.

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