Flaunt Radiantly Youthful Skin with Proper Exfoliation

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A close friend has suggested trying out a homemade facial scrub made with coffee grounds. It’s very easy to prepare. You need a half a cup of coffee grounds, a cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of milk.

If you spread and scrub it over your neck ad face and rinse afterwards with lukewarm water, you’d be left with radiantly bright new skin. You’re wondering if it’s worth the effort. How about we tell you more about exfoliation so that you can decide for yourself?

Removing dead cells

Coffee grounds are being used today as a component of DIY exfoliating formulae. If you are keen on removing dead cells from the surface of your face and neck, then it can work as a primary ingredient. As a person ages, the rate of skin shedding slows down.

The resulting itchy, flaky, and dry skin stays on. To reveal younger and more hydrated skin cells, you need a product that sloughs off the old cells effectively.

Effective means of exfoliating

Using coffee grounds is one way of exfoliating using physical methods. You can apply a quarter-size amount of scrub and use a washcloth to remove dead cells gently. Most people use their fingers to apply the scrub. In some instances, chemical exfoliators may be indicated to dissolve stubborn cells.

The most popular chemical peels here in Salt Lake City contain hydroxy acids as the active ingredient. Most commercially available products are in the form of a pre-moistened pad to be placed directly on the skin. Other chemical exfoliants are in the form of bottled serums or squeeze-tube gels.

If you have a recurrent acne problem, don’t apply facial scrub without consulting a facial care specialist.

Exfoliation and healthy skin

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Products that promote exfoliation is an essential component of daily skincare. The top layer of skin may be overgrown with dead cells if they are not shed adequately. The layer of clutter could thicken and render your complexion dull and itchy. This is where exfoliation comes in.

Exfoliation has many known benefits. First, it removes dead and dry skin cells to make way for healthy, moisturized and tougher epidermal cells that serves as the body’s first line of defense. Exfoliation is helpful in evening out your skin tone as well.

For instance, if you have just enjoyed the beach and came back with a sunburn, exfoliation could remove the hyperpigmentation. Also, exfoliation is beneficial to persons who are at risk for developing folliculitis, and won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs upon shaving.

Lastly, exfoliation makes it easier for the skin cells to absorb the products you apply day and night. If the skin surface is overgrown with dead cells, you won’t enjoy the benefits of the moisturizers and anti-aging formulas on your counter.

Harsh exfoliation may do more harm than good, so don’t follow a popular trend just because everyone is doing so. Keep the coffee grounds in a shelf in case you can use it later. For now, find the time to learn more about your skincare needs and figure out which method of exfoliation will make your skin more radiant and youthful than ever.

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