Dental Care Must-Dos for Every Stage of Childhood

child at the dental office with teeth model

Children’s teeth need care from an early age. Many people often don’t realize it, but dental care starts from infancy. As soon as your child starts growing teeth, you should start thinking about their oral hygiene. If it is ignored, it can lead to your child having problems throughout their life, and often into adulthood. Here are some ways to care for your child’s dental health at every stage of childhood.

Early Infancy

You might think that you don’t have to worry about dental care as your child doesn’t have teeth yet. However, good oral hygiene starts in early infancy. Before your baby starts the day, use a soft, clean piece of cotton to clean the gums with warm water. This will remove any buildup of plaque or bacteria in your baby’s mouth. You should repeat the same process before putting your baby to sleep every night. You should avoid putting your child to bed with a pacifier, as this can dry out their mouth.

Late infancy

Your baby will start growing teeth anytime from 4 to 7 months. Some babies teeth earlier, while some are even born with tiny teeth. Whenever they start teething is a good time to start a brushing regimen. Use a special, soft toothbrush for baby teeth to carefully brush their teeth in an up and down pattern. Make it a habit to never let them fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth, and make sure they drink water after every meal.


kid boy brushing teeth

This is the time to introduce toothpaste in your child’s brushing regimen. They will start growing multiple teeth, and while this process usually goes smoothly, there can be certain issues. In Utah, cities like Lehi have several kids’ dentists who can check your child’s teeth to make sure they are growing correctly.

Your child may feel the urge to bite while breastfeeding, as they will want to chew on things. Give them a soft teething aid such as a wet cloth or soft toy to chew on. Sometimes teething comes with pain and soreness for your child. Your dentist can help you by prescribing an over the counter painkiller for your child.

Tweens and Teens

As your child grows up, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a healthy diet. This will make sure your child does not consume too many sweets. Your teen can start getting lazy around this time, so make sure you tell them about the importance of dental hygiene. Take them for regular dental check ups and try to get them to eat healthy snacks instead of junk food. If your child needs corrective intervention such as braces, now is the time to start.

Throughout the key developmental years of your child’s growth, you should watch out for any signs of problems, and resolve them as soon as possible. Teeth will require care all through our lives, so you need to develop dental care as early as possible. Starting with the right practices is important to ensure your child’s dental health and to avoid painful, expensive procedures.

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