Collections You Should Start in Your 20s

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So you’re adulting. It’s supposedly your golden years. So much can happen. So many opportunities are presenting themselves. It’s your glory days, and it’s supposed to lay down the groundwork for your 30s.

Like your career, it’s good to start a collection. May it be art, books, bedsheets, or whatever you’re into, collecting things have surprising effects on mental health. It’s also a good investment and an avenue to become creative and learn new things.

Benefits of collecting

1. Learning and research

When people are really into something, they’re very like to research about it to get in the know of their interests. Sometimes, they can find themselves getting lost in the curiosity train. Additionally, if you’re a collector, being well-versed about your collection can help you take care of it better as well as engage yourself in social gatherings.

2. It can be a social instrument

“Hey, did you know…” can be an effective conversation starter. Maybe you’ll find yourself in the company of someone with a shared interest or someone who wants to know more about you. Your collection can be this kind of social instrument as you foster new connections.

3. It inspires you to reach a goal

When you’re a collector, you tend to eye on an item that you know you need to get. To do this, you must save money or organize a space in your home where the item can be kept safely. This item has now become a goal for you, and you will do anything to reach it.

What can you collect?

reading books

A collection comes more naturally than decidedly. Because it stems from personal interest, a collection can start unconsciously at times. Tap into your hobbies and interests, and that’s how you’ll know. To help you explore possibilities, here are things people most often collect:


Being surrounded by books has a significant impact on “educational achievement, attainment, and occupational standing.” According to research, adolescents who have more exposure to books have shown better proficiency in cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills that they can carry with them for life. This goes to show that a book-filled home can not only benefit you as a collector but also children who may live with you in the future.


High-quality sheets can last for years and years and years, and this makes them a worthy collection. Having a collection of sheets allows you to bask in the comfort of cool, breathable cotton, linen, microfiber, or even bamboo sheets!


The stereotype for the art world is elitist, and this could make collecting art in your 20s intimidating. However, art is more than just expensive paintings from artists in history books. In every city in the world, there are emerging local artists that you can help as you watch them grow. Your collection can start by patronizing their works, and your support can help them get to the bigger art scene.

Collecting items does not only benefit you but also the people around you. It’s a smart way of spending your extra money while you’re young. You can witness your collection grow and turn into a room full of memories and achievements.

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