Cacti and Succulent Care: 5 Essential Tips to Remember


Succulents and cacti are some of the most unusual yet beautiful plants, with unique shapes and different shades of green. They can fit into various home aesthetics, from minimalist to all-out boho households, allowing everyone to add vibrancy to their space. Of course, these plants are more than mere static decorations, and once you bring them to your home, you’ll need to provide them with proper TLC.

Caring for cacti and succulents isn’t difficult, but it is a bit unique. Here are five expert tips to keep these unusual plants alive and thriving in your home.

Place Them In The Right Location

Cacti and succulents generally originate from desert climates, meaning they like the sun. So, whether it’s a home or smile savers dental clinic, when you are decorating the place with these unique plants, make sure to add them in an area where there’s plenty of sunlight. However, remember to never place them in direct sunlight, especially behind a glass window. When you see your cactus turning yellow or brown on their side facing the sun, change it to a cooler spot.

Water Them Properly

Although cacti and succulents are known for surviving without much water thanks to their stems retaining water for their systems to use, they still need their fair share of it. Make sure to check their soil once every couple of weeks. However, keep in mind to only water them once they completely dry out. If you discover the first 2 to 3 inches of soil is dry, it’s time to water your plant. After watering, ensure to empty excess water from its saucer as leaving it sitting in water can lead to it quickly rotting.

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Get Rid of Bugs Immediately

Although cacti and succulents don’t get infested with bugs often, you still have to deal with these pests — and fast. Gnats are the most common insects that infest succulents and cacti planted in soil that’s too wet or don’t have proper drainage. Mealybugs are another pest you should look out for, resulting from over-fertilizing and watering. To remove eggs and larvae in your plants’ soil, spray it with 70% isopropyl alcohol. It can get rid of these pests efficiently without affecting your plants’ health.

Use the Right Potting Mix

Different cacti and succulents live in varying conditions, with some prospering in dry or ‘sandy’ soils with others thriving in lush tropical rainforests. When purchasing these unique plants, make sure you know its species and what conditions they best thrive in to provide the best care. Get the right potting mix for the plant to provide them with a healthier living condition, making them healthier and last longer. You can consult with a gardener or horticulturist to see which potting mix is the best for your cactus or succulent.

Pay Attention to ‘Shedding’

If you notice your succulent or cactus shedding plenty of leaves, it typically indicates that they’re in a place where the temperature is too high or you don’t water them enough. Although that shedding is a natural process in a plant’s life cycle where they self-propagate, it’s best to pay attention and move your plants to a new location or water them more often.

Cacti and succulents are inexpensive plants that can bring life to even the most compact and gloomy city apartments. However, despite being simple enough to take care of, people still make mistakes when looking after them — and the tips mentioned can help you avoid them and prolong their lifespan.

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