10 Pre-COVID Things We’re Excited To Do Again

The pandemic has robbed us of a lot of great things that we somehow took for granted before COVID-19 came. We never expected we will get to the point that we’ll all be stuck in our homes and maintain a safe physical distance from people.

The abrupt lifestyle change gave us no choice but to quickly adapt so we avoid getting infected as much as possible. This sudden change left a lot of people longing for the norm we were all used to — with some ending up with serious bouts with anxiety and depression.

As pharmaceutical companies and governments work together to roll out a massive vaccination program all over the world, most of us are looking forward to going back to the way things were and can’t wait for the day when we’re finally out of the woods.

Here are some of the things we can’t wait to get back to once the pandemic is over:

Go outside without any need for masks

While masks are necessary to protect us from contracting the deadly virus, we have to admit they can be quite uncomfortable, especially when worn for extended periods. We look forward to finally being able to go out sans masks and not have any problems breathing.

Eat out

We #39;ve all learned to appreciate home cooking during this time. A lot of folks have even learned to cook while in isolation. But we all miss going out to have lunch in a great restaurant and going on dinner dates. Once the pandemic lets up, we’re off to our favorite burger joint.

Go to the movies and enjoy events

Having access to the internet and different streaming services made staying at home a bit more bearable. But we sure miss watching movies on the big screen, especially those summer blockbusters. Streaming movies like the latest superhero and adventure movies just isn’t the same as getting the full theatrical experience.

Go back to school

Yes. You read that right. After several months of staying at home and learning remotely, students can’t wait to go back to school and be with their friends and classmates, and even professors. Now that’s something you don’t hear every day.

Surround ourselves with people

While most of us are probably stuck at home with other people, whether they’re friends or family, we all can’t wait to see other faces and interact with them. The need to socialize is especially greater for extroverts who are spending this pandemic alone.

Play sports and other outdoor activities

Sports and other close-contact activities have been temporarily suspended along with other activities that involve large crowd gatherings. Once we beat COVID, expect a lot of people to flock to sports facilities and parks to get their fix. Gyms and fitness clubs will also experience a spike in attendees because people are already wanting to exercise outside their homes.

Hit the bars and clubs

Nightspots like bars and clubs were all doing exceptionally well pre-COVID. People don’t just go there to get drunk and dance the night away. This is a great avenue for them to socialize and have fun. And they’re looking forward to the day when they can hang out with their buddies and enjoy an evening of cold drinks and fun conversations.

Travel and go on vacations

One of the industries that were hit really hard by COVID is the tourism industry. Travel nowadays is mostly only considered if necessary. Hotels and other tourism-related businesses have either downsized or closed down. But all that will change once the pandemic is over as folks will want to make up for lost travel time, whether they board a plane, get on a cruise ship, or go on a road trip.

Be one with nature

Don’t you just miss going out under the sun and spending some time outdoors, whether alone or with a group? Going hiking, trekking, and camping are some of the things a lot of people want to do again when COVID is finally gone.

Hug and spend time with our loved ones

If there’s really one thing that we all truly miss during this pandemic, it’s being with our loved ones and spending time with them with no restrictions, especially for those of us who live apart from them.

As we all wait for the day when this nightmare is finally over, we need to ensure that we observe proper COVID protocols. Doing this gives us a greater certainty that we will all enjoy life in a post-COVID world.

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