A Groom’s Guide to Helping the Bride with Wedding Arrangements

When we think of wedding planning, we usually conclude that the bride is the one calling the shots. But the groom also has an important part to play in this whole affair. If you’re one, you don’t have to stand around and do nothing. Here’s how you can help with the wedding arrangements:

Assist With Decision-Making

Aside from picking a diamond wedding ring for her, you should help with the other important elements of your event. The guest list is one of those concerns, and so is the venue for the reception. Take charge of choosing the groom’s side of the list, including the best man and the groomsmen. When it comes to the venue, you should help keep everything within budget. If you need to look into alternate catering services, as well as your own entertainment and liquor, then do so.

Fix Up the Registry

Gifts are going to be important in starting your new life as a married couple. But while it helps a lot to suggest practical gifts, you can also broaden your range of choices. After all, there are guests who would like to give you something fantastic in celebration of your marriage. You can choose to include items that you just want or like, even if they’re not obviously practical. Also, if you’re the type of couple who would rather save for something or donate to a cause, you can ask for cash instead. Finally, include online options for those who cannot be there physically.

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Plan for the Honeymoon

After the wedding is the honeymoon. Since your bride is probably going to have her hands full coordinating with the planner, you might as well start making arrangements for this one yourself. Get to looking for places that the two of you will be able to enjoy to the fullest. Don’t just rely on what you think both of you like but also consult her on the parts that need her input. Once the date of your wedding is set, you need to make the necessary reservations as well.

Reward Your Men

It might be more of tradition than anything else, but it still a good practice to reward your best man and groomsmen for a job well done. Pick simple yet stylish gifts, such as accessories and gadgets that they can use every day. If you want to make it personal, you can write notes to thank them for their participation. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to physical rewards. If they’re the type of guys who would appreciate it, you can choose to treat them to a feast instead. It can be more fun for them and for you.

They might seem small to you, but every move that you make to help your bride will be appreciated, even if they don’t show it. It takes a lot of thinking and moving to successfully coordinate a wedding, after all. Even taking on a small burden from their shoulders will be a relief. It will also serve as an activity that will make the two of you closer.

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