Mia Kirshner tricks out “Defiance”

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ASSIGNMENT X: Did doing VAMPIRE DIARIES and your other genre projects give you any preparation for doing DEFIANCE?

MIA KIRSHNER: No. I mean, that’s a whole different show. It was very nice on the show, but every show is different, every role is different, like every person’s different.

AX: There’s a balance between Kenya being flirtatious, her genuine sexuality and her genuine toughness. Did you find that on your feet playing her, or did you think about it a lot before you did it?

KIRSHNER: I think it’s a combination. I think that you kind of find your character as you go. You have all these ideas about a character, but when you get onto set, once you’re in the room with the actors, everything changes.

AX: A lot of the characters are very kick-ass. Kenya does a bit of that, but not a lot …

KIRSHNER: Not at this point. It’s a very character – my stuff is very character-driven, not so action-driven, so not so much. But I like the drama stuff.

AX: How do you see DEFIANCE overall?

KIRSHNER: I think in a way it’s a cautionary tale. It asks the viewer to think carefully about what we want, because this is what we might get. Perhaps it’s a reflection of where we’re going and it’s about us.

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